Aviation jobs for freshers in Kolkata are plenty and are expected to increase further. And as cargo traffic and air travel in the city are witnessing high demand, many more job openings are expected to feature soon in the chart. These openings will offer good bets not only to the experienced individuals but to the freshers as well. The aspirants will be able to apply in both the domestic and the international airline companies. The salary packet will also be handsome. A seeker of air hostess profile can expect to make an earning of 16K per month. However, this figure varies from company to company and depends on requirements too.

Aviation Job Profile

The jobs seekers in aviation fields have to perform an array of roles and responsibilities. As the industry vertical has many departments and divisions, the nature of work of an individual also differs from the other. However, some of the basic tasks that demand attention in the field are airline cargo marketing and management, regulation of traffic, customer relationship, navigation procedures and aviation safety and administration.

Aviation Jobs on Offer

The aviation jobs for freshers in Kolkata are available for the posts of cabin crew, pilots and co-pilots.

Eligibility for Aviation Jobs

In the aviation industry, any undergraduate, graduate and post graduate can apply for the available posts. A degree or diploma in any of the courses like travel & tourism, regulatory policies, aviation safety or technical aspects, flying operation, aircraft maintenance or air traffic management will be an added advantage for the candidates. For technical posts, the candidates need to have science background. Maths, Physics and Chemistry are the preferred subjects.

While applying for the air hostess or flight attendant profile, the person should pay attention to the height requirement of the company. Some of the companies consider 5-2″ or 157 cms height apt for girls and 5-7″ or 172 cms or more for boys.

The candidates should also possess excellent communication skills. The individuals with pleasing personality are most sought after.

Fresher’s Salary in Aviation in Kolkata

Aviation Industry recruit the skilled workforce. For Freshers, they requires a diploma or certified degree in specified field to enter in the aviation Industry. According to their designation and profession their salary differs. In Kolkata, the salary of fresher as a customer service agent  will get Rs 1.75 lakh per annum. The salary of a flight attendant will be Rs 2.25 lakh per annum for fresher. Aircraft maintenance engineer’s salary at starting on their career will be Rs 3.5 lakh. Where pilot starts their career with Rs 4 lakh per annum as salary.