Aviation Jobs & Salary for Freshers in Mumbai

The opportunities for aviation jobs for freshers in Mumbai are plenty and diverse. The vacancies feature options for cabin crew jobs, flight attendant jobs, airhostess jobs, cargo pilots, pilot jobs, air traffic control jobs, flight simulation jobs, electronic engineer jobs, front executive jobs and Airline ground crew jobs. All the jobs are challenging and require a set of skills. If you meet all the requirements including qualification and soft skills criteria, you are sure to find a suitable job in the industry. Once you are in the industry, you can also expect interesting salary packets. The freshers applying for air hostess job is usually offered a package of 16K per month.

Aviation Job Profile

The job seekers in aviation field will be required to perform certain set of functions and roles. However, the work responsibility may vary depending on the nature of work. Some of the duties that have to be taken by an incumbent of the respective department include regulation of traffic, cargo marketing and management, aviation safety and administration, customer support and customer relationship.

Aviation Jobs on Offer

The major vacancies that feature in the category of aviation jobs for freshers in Mumbai include offer for co-pilots and cabin crew.

Eligibility for Aviation Jobs

The candidates need to have CPL, TWIN, IR, RTR and FRTO certification to apply for technical jobs. The Class I Medical certification is also required for the ones interested in pilot jobs. Besides, the aspirants with Diploma in Aviation or IATA will get preference.

The undergraduates are also eligible to apply for jobs for air hostess and flight attendants in the aviation industry. However, the profile needs you to meet certain physical height criterion. Some of the companies go for female candidates with the height of 5-2″ or 157 cms and male candidates with the height of 5-7″ or 172 cms or more.

Excellent communication skills and impressive personality are the other important determining factors.

Fresher’s Salary in Aviation in Mumbai

Aviation Industry Industry is not new in Mumbai. Well established sector have a large number of workforce.  Salaries  of professionals in this sector are higher than the national average. For Freshers, they require a diploma or certified degree in specified field to enter in the aviation Industry. According to their designation and profession their salary differs. In Mumbai, the salary of fresher as a customer service agent  will get Rs 1.75 lakh per annum. The salary of a flight attendant will be Rs 2.25 lakh per annum for fresher. Aircraft maintenance engineer’s salary at starting on their career will be Rs 3.5 lakh. Where pilot starts their career with Rs 4 lakh per annum as salary.