Scope of Event Management Jobs for Freshers in India:

Event Management jobs for freshers in India are widely available due to the booming economy . A career in event management involves both hard work and glamour. With the rise of premier events being hosted in India, the need for event managers is only going to rise. The event manager is required to plan a complete event by working on an interpersonal level with people. He needs to meet deadlines and make the end-product a great success.

Types of Event Management jobs for Freshers in India:

There are three different ways that an event manager can work. One can work as an event manager in an event management company,or take up the job as a consultant with any such company. A third way is to work independently.

Eligibility for Event Management jobs for Freshers in India

There are no special qualifications that are required for an event management jobs. The only pre-requisite is to have excellent inter-personal skills. There are some colleges which offers diplomas on event management. However most people entering this field come from diverse backgrounds which are not necessarily event management.

Major Companies offering Event Management jobs for Freshers in India

Most metros in India have a host of companies which are into event management. The high profile shows are conducted by companies like DNA. Other companies which offer event management jobs are:

  • Hanmer and Partner
  • Acme Events India
  • Design Net Advertising
  • ebuzz

Design Net Advertising is based out of Delhi,NCR. Acme Events India is based out of Bangalore and is relatively new to the field. Hanmer and Partner is based out of Mumbai.

Salary Package of Event Management jobs for Freshers in India

Event Management jobs for freshers in India pay handsomely. A fresher can expect anywhere between Rs 3.3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh per annum for a start in the event management field. This is a lucrative field in which high performers are paid handsomely. A degree always helps. However proven go-getters with a wealth of experience can demand a salary anywhere between Rs 6 lakh to Rs 12 lakh.