Mumbai is the financial capital of India and events of every sort are conducted in Mumbai every now and then. For event managers this is a place where there are most opportunities . Hence event management jobs for freshers in Mumbai are very much sought for.

Profile of Event Management Jobs

Those who opt event management as their profession, need to be good at visualizing, be aware of local social norms, be good in planning and budgeting and then execute the plans at the desired time and place. Events can be concerts,corporate events and product launches.Freshers who join event management jobs must be able to interact with the people who make the event a success. Mumbai, being the film and financial capital of the country,the need for event managers are more here than in anywhere else. Hence many freshers find employment in this sector. The job involves a lot of hard work. At the same time it offers a scope to show individual creativity. Those who have good networking skills in the film and other industries are at ease when interacting with people in the English, Hindi and Marathi. Hence event management jobs for freshers in Mumbai are always available.

Event Management Jobs on Offer:

Event management companies offer jobs titled Trainee Event Manager for people who would like to join this field. They are required to host events like corporate promotions and weddings. The positions are full time. The candidate needs to be good in the regional languages like Marathi,Hindi.

Eligibility for Event Management Jobs

There are no such educational requirement for freshers who wish to join the event management field. However a degree or a diploma in public relations or event management always comes very useful. However the worth and the upward mobility of the candidate is a direct function of how entertaining he/she is. Also they are required to have really good interpersonal skills and should be able to hold their own in a gathering of any size. The candidate also needs to be creative , meticulous in planning and be able to visualize the outcome of their planning. Previous planning experience in any form always helps.

Salary of Event Management Freshers in Mumbai

Mumbai, the name is enough to tell about the city. People of Mumbai are fond of partying day and night. Event Management Companies in Mumbai are much in demand as people look for hassle free planning without any of the efforts made by them. Event management companies in Mumbai believe in hiring freshers as they can mold them according to their standards and provide them experience. Mumbai pays between Rs. 3.5 Lakh – Rs. 5.5 Lakh to freshers, depending upon their skills and efficiency.

Event Management Companies in Mumbai are:

Seventy Event Media Group

First Floor, Vasu Smriti 13th Road, Khar (W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra
022 6602 2700

Pegasus Events

1st Floor, Mikasa,Gandhi Nagar, Worli
Mumbai, Maharashtra
022 3222 2322