Fashion Designing Jobs & Salary for Freshers in Kolkata

Fashion Designing Job Profile

Fashion designing is gaining a lot of popularity in India. There are several entry-level jobs for freshers in the area of fashion designing in India. Many students are taking up fashion designing as their career option. Moreover, with the young generation becoming more fashion conscious, fashion designing industries in India is gaining significant momentum.

An individual can join the fashion industry as an apprentice under a reputed designer. He or she can also find suitable employment opportunities in garment manufacturing units or export houses and may also set up a fashion designing boutique. Teaching and freelancing in fashion boutiques and fashion houses is also a good alternative.

Fashion Designing Jobs on Offer

There are ample fashion designing jobs for freshers in Kolkata. In Kolkata, an entry-level fashion designer can work as a fashion consultant, fashion designer, sketching and cutting assistant, colorist, textile designer or fabric designer. An individual can also take up teaching as his or her profession in various fashion designing institutes and colleges. Freshers can also take up freelancing work in fashion designing and can set up a boutique of their own. A growing desire to wear trendy clothes among the modern youth is also leading to a spurt in the number of fashion designing houses in Kolkata, which is resulting in an increase in fashion designing jobs for freshers in Kolkata.

Eligibility for Fashion Designing Jobs

Individuals should preferably be a graduate in fine arts. They can also pursue a degree in fashion designing along with a degree in marketing, business or fashion merchandising. Several courses are offered by fashion designing colleges and institutes in Kolkata. These courses include graduate/post graduate degrees, certification courses and diploma courses in Garment manufacturing technology, Fashion journalism and presentation, Leather and garment design and technology, Knitwear design and technology, Accessory designing and fashion designing, Textile design and development and Apparel marketing and merchandising.

Earning a professional degree or doing a certification course in fashion designing will not help you to land up with a good fashion designing job in Kolkata. You should all possess a strong sense of balance and proportion, a stern eye for color and detail and excellent communication and problem-solving skills. In addition, you should also be very good in sales and marketing because that ultimately helps you to sell your creations to the world outside.

Salary of freshers in fashion designing in Kolkata

Kolkata, being the most colorful and trendy city, offers handsome salary packages to freshers as fashion designer. Companies in Kolkata are very much conscious about their branding and designing so they higher such professionals whom they can mold according to their company’s standards.

Company Details for Fashion Designing Jobs

1. Name – Unicraft International
Contact Details – Unicraft International
17/1E, Alipore Road ,
Kolkata – 700 027 India

2. Name – Irony Clothings Pvt. Ltd.
Jobs Offered – Fashion Designer
For more details, visit the company’s website at