Graphic Designing Jobs & Salaries for Freshers in Delhi

Various graphic designing jobs for freshers in Delhi as a number of companies have been on the outlook for some dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. These jobs are providing the educated work force in that city with a good opportunity to work.

Profile of Graphic Designing Jobs

The job of web designing entails the conceptualization, management and execution of projects that have been provided by clients. They would also be creating and designing high standard web sites that incorporate the latest interfaces, layouts and graphics.

In Delhi the candidates for graphic designing are paid pretty handsome salaries. They are supposed to create designs by using Corel Draw and Photoshop. The candidates for the post of junior art director are supposed to look after the visual side of all design projects as well as preside over designers.

Graphic Designing Jobs on Offer

The web designing jobs are among the prominent graphic designing jobs for freshers in Delhi. Another name in this long list of graphic designing jobs for freshers in Delhi is the job of graphic designer. There are other jobs for freshers in the Delhi graphic designing sector named junior art director and graphic designer cum digital machine operator.

Eligibility for Graphic Designing Jobs

The candidates for the job of web designing have to possess decent visualization capabilities. They should be experts in HTML, Java, XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, DIV and Flash.

In order to get the job of a graphic designer in Delhi the candidates should have extensive knowledge of Photoshop and Corel Draw. The junior art directors or designers should know how to implement technical and conceptual principles of web design. They would need to have the know how to use techniques such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and typography.

Salary of Graphic Designer Freshers in Delhi

Freshers in Delhi are in high demand as companies prefer to m old them according to their standards. Freshers get paid between Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15,000 initially, according to the company’s standards.

Company Details of Graphic Designing Job Providers

1. Vinove Software & Services
F-2, Ist Floor, Udyog Nagar,
Near Piragarhi Chowk
New Delhi, Delhi, INDIA 110041
Website –
Email Address –
Telephone – 91-11-64623863
Web Designing

2. G Ram Books Pvt. Ltd.
Website –
E mail address –, skumar
Telephone Number – 01202771155
Graphic Designer

3. Smile Interactive Technologies Group.
Website –
E mail address –
Telephone Number – 29240251-53
Junior Art Director