Hospitality Jobs & Salaries for Freshers in India

The Hospitality Industry in India contributed around 2.5% of the country’s GDP in recent years. India as a land of diverse geography, culture, religion and festivals has never failed to catch the fancy of foreign and local visitors alike. With no real threat to contend its scenic beauty coupled with its infrastructural facilities getting better every day the country’s hospitality industry is bound to grow in the near future. In fact it has been estimated that by 2015 the industry will touch figures worth INR 230 billion and at present its robust growth has been pitched at CAGR of 12.2%. Let us learn more about this industry in terms of its scope, the salaries in the offing and the like.

Hospitality Industry in India- Reasons behind its Success

The industry’s fate is inextricably linked with the Tourism sector of the country which has managed to register staggering figures in the recent past. With the highest potential in tourism between the years 2009-2018, according the World Travel and Tourism Council, the hospitality industry of India is poised for similarly unprecedented growth as well. One of the key reasons behind the success is that the country is touted as one of the world’s most cost efficient medical tourism destinations. Around 100,000 foreign patients visit India on an average each year. The sector presently pitched at US 300 million dollars, might register growth figures of around 27% by 2015. Additionally our country has established its dominance over the business in the Asia Pacific Region by its sheer optimism and business outlook, triggering immense potential for foreign investments as well. The presence of International hotels like La Meridien, TGIF, Holiday Inn and Radisson has boosted the country’s visibility over the years.

Scope of Hospitality

Jobs Among the various hospitality jobs for freshers in India are the housekeeping executives or assistants jobs have to work primarily in the retail sector. They normally need to keep their workplaces spanking clean at every point in time. As the sales manager in Indian hospitality sector the candidates would have to perform a number of functions such as the management of sales teams, development of marketing strategies and generating revenue. As a cashier the concerned officers would need to look after areas such as reimbursement vouchers and payments. They would also have to handle payments made to various entities like vendors and suppliers.

Types of Hospitality Jobs

Following are some of the types of hospitality jobs for freshers in India:

  • Hotel or restaurant
  • Chef
  • Front Desk
  • Food and beverage
  • Guest Relation
  • Travel Desk
  • Waiters or Waitresses
  • Catering or Convention
  • Host or Hostess
  • Culinary or Kitchen
  • Bartender
  • Health Club
  • Concierge
  • Cashier
  • Cabin Crew
  • Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Lobby or Duty
  • Ground Staff
  • Conferences and Banquet
  • Housekeeping
  • Masseur
  • Banquet Sales

Eligibility for Hospitality Jobs

In order to land the job of housekeeping executives or assistants the candidates have to be good in various areas of housekeeping. In order to be considered for the job of sales managers the candidates should have experience of at least a year. They should also be proficient in sales, team management and business development and marketing. The cashiers have to be good with various commercial activities such as receivables and payments.

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Hospitality Industry- Salaries

As already mentioned the hospitality industry in India has great salaries is store for its employees:-

Job Function Average Annual Salaries
Assistant Manager/Customer Service INR 523955
Sales Manager (Hotel/Hospitality) INR 50335 – INR 1913187
Sous Chef INR 583264
Travel Consultant INR 285000
General Manager Hotel INR 1170355
Operations Manager INR 420000
Restaurant Manager INR 351383
Software Engineer INR 599520
Executive Chef INR 1080000
Software developer INR 480000
HR or Human Resources Manager INR 500000

Future Estimates

  • Projected growth rate of tourism and hospitality industry at 8.8% by 2016
  • Tourism sector to account for 5.4 % of entire employment
  • Better Services owing to surge in competition as a result of growth in tourism sector

*Salaries are subject to change with time.