MBA Jobs & Salaries for Freshers in Bangalore

Bangalore is the IT hub of India but management graduates too have a demand in the city. The fresh MBA grads are recruited by several reputed companies of Bangalore. Top software and management companies in Bangalore recruit MBA degree holders in large numbers. MBA jobs for freshers in Bangalore are mainly in the field of financial planning, retail and human resource management in broader perspective. There are other sectors too that hire fresh graduates passing out from the B-schools in India. In Bangalore a fresh management graduate can expect a salary of minimum 15 K per month.

MBA Freshers in Bangalore jobs are given enough salary packages to get started with their career. Freshers are paid between Rs. 1.8 Lakh – Rs. 2.5 Lakh annually, depending upon their skills and efficiency their salary may vary.

MBA Job Profile

Bangalore being the IT hub is potential in the sector of IT and ITEs which provides jobs to MBA freshers in Bangalore. If a fresh graduate has specialized in the domain of Systems he stands a high chance of getting recruited in the position of Business Solutions Developer, Engagement Manager, Solutions Architect and Project Manager. You can be recruited as a management trainee in the banking and financial companies of India. If you have the additional knowledge of finance you can get a job as a finance analyst. The retail industry of Bangalore offers marketing and customer’s relation job at the entry level.

MBA Jobs on Offer

Broadly MBA jobs offered in Bangalore are that of Accounts Executive, HR Executive, HR Consultant, Project Trainees, Technical Recruiter, ITES Recruiters, Executive Business Development, Sales Trainees, Sales and Marketing Trainee, Business Development Trainee, Management Trainee, Assistant Manager, Marketing Assistant, Strategic Account Executive and Data Analyst


If you want to get your first MBA job in Bangalore you have to equip yourself with knowledge in specialized areas of economics, finance, accounting, marketing and information technology. You might have no prior work experience or have a minimum of 1 year work experience.