MBA Jobs & Salaries for Freshers in Mumbai

Mumbai being the commercial capital of India has several multinational companies and headquarters of corporate organizations. If you are an MBA degree holder from B-schools of Mumbai or other cities in India venture into the rich job market of Mumbai. You can get MBA jobs for freshers in Mumbai in banking, finance, marketing and retail sectors. Mumbai is the hub of stock market and broking industry. In this metropolitan city you can comfortably earn a salary of Rs. 1.8 Lakh – Rs. 2.6 Lakh per annum.

MBA Job Profile

MBA freshers who have been recruited need to understand the pulse of customer need because that is crucial to any company. They need to identify potential areas and develop customer base which will generate business. Their job profile entails working under a time frame for achieving sales target which can be weekly, monthly and quarterly. They need to analyze risk and come up with solutions in case of unforeseen emergencies. Another important thing is the implementation of promotional plan of sales. If one has got a job in an insurance company he has to have the knack to sell insurance products to customers and advise them on the ever growing changes and fluctuations of Indian and international financial market.

MBA Jobs on Offer

Mumbai’s MBA jobs are in the field of marketing, sales, human resource, insurance and banking companies.


As such the word freshers indicate that you may not have prior work experience but if you have 6 months to 1 year experience it will stand in your good favor. Fresh MBA graduates who have found a job opportunity in Mumbai need to have excellent communication skill and have a customer-centric mind besides being target-oriented so that company revenue target is reached. Proper analysis and the capability to take decisions are of utmost importance.