MBA Jobs & Salaries for Freshers in Pune

Pune is one of the largest cities of Maharashtra, India which has several fresher level openings for MBA graduates in India. It is a commercial hub with many offices and corporate organizations. Thousands of students pass out with an MBA degree from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management and other management schools and institutions. They find a favorable job market in respect to MBA jobs for freshers in Pune where they can earn a good salary of minimum fifteen thousand per month.

The extensive scope of MBA jobs for freshers in Pune earns for you a gross income of Rs. 1.9 Lakh – Rs. 2.6 Lakh salary in a year.

MBA Job Profile

The job profile of MBA jobs demand fresh recruits to have a scientific approach towards sorting a problem. An employee who has been recruited as a sales and marketing trainee needs to understand the marketing trend and identify customer target base.

MBA Jobs on Offer

The freshers in Pune find a job in several entry level positions in the sector of retail, planning, financial and human resource. The highly popular jobs available to freshers in Pune are that of an account executive, HR executive or trainee or recruiter, Sales trainee, Marketing trainee, Management trainee and Business Development Trainee. You can join a company as Marketing assistant or a trainee data analyst. Specializing in the area of Systems can fetch you the position of Business Solutions Developer and Project Manager, even on an entry level.

Eligibility for MBA Jobs

To get a fresher level entry job after graduating with a business administration degree you have to pursue any one of the study domains mentioned here; economics, finance, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, strategy, international business, information technology management, international business, supply chain management, operations management and project management are the primary subject areas. You can start from scratch or have a minimum of 1 year prior work experience before switching on to your second job.