Scope of Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcription jobs in India is growing in leaps and bounds. Medical transcription is a process with the help of which medical records are transcribed by specialized professionals. These professionals assist the doctors by way of documenting and proof reading medical reports. These reports are made on the basis of the content dictated by doctors and recorded onto digital voice processing systems. Generally, recorded messages are outsourced from countries like US to India for transcription due to the availability of a large pool of English-speaking people at comparatively lower cost. The entry of private insurance companies coupled with the expansion of healthcare sector has also led to increased medical transcription jobs in India. Many young job aspirants in India have started taking up medical transcription jobs.

Types of Medical Transcription Jobs

There are different types of medical transcription jobs for freshers in India. A medical transcriptionist can work in a hospital or for a medical transcription service provider. Suitable employment opportunities are also available in a doctor’s chamber, insurance company, medical products marketing company or a medical book publishing house.

Eligibility for Medical Transcription Jobs

If you are looking for a medical transcription job, you need to possess certain attributes in addition to your educational qualifications. Following are some of the common requirements by employers offering medical transcription jobs.

A graduate degree in any discipline;

  • Ability to detect medical flaws in dictations;
  • Aware of the medical terminologies;
  • You should be a good listener;
  • Excellent command over English;
  • Ability to correct the grammatical and syntax errors;
  • Lots of patience as the work may become monotonous and repetitive after a certain period of time.

Further, a medical transcription course helps individuals to improve their American accent and secondly, it improves their working capability in medical transcription jobs. Since graduates from any discipline can opt for a medical transcription job, it is advantageous for them to pursue this course since it would enable them to get acquainted with the medical terms.

Companies Offering Medical Transcription Jobs

In India, there are several companies located in different cities which offer medical transcriptions jobs for freshers in India. Some of these companies include Kitsoft Consultant Pvt. Ltd., Healthcare Informatics Pvt. Ltd., Meta Solutions, Spheris India Pvt. Ltd., Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Scryptions India (P) Ltd., CBay Systems, Cosmic Global Limited, Porteck India Infoservices, Lloyds Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Totalmed Transcription Company, TransDyne IT Services Pvt. Ltd., Hofinsoft Technologies Private Limited and Rapidcare Transcription Pvt. Ltd.

Salary Package Expected

Though the salary may vary based on several factors, a trainee usually gets between Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 7,000 per month. After successful completion of the training, the salary increases to Rs. 1.5 Lakh – Rs. 2.5 Lakh. However, the pay may vary depending on the company you are working for, your workplace location, your work profile and your qualifications.