Scope of Modeling Jobs

There are different types of modeling jobs for freshers in India. Freshers can look for options in print, advertising, ramp and television.

Usually, a career in modeling starts with assignments as product models. Later on, with experience and personal charisma, a model may become a highly paid ramp or runway model for some leading fashion lines. However, though ramp modeling is most glamorous, it is only a small part of the modeling business and there are ample opportunities to shine professionally even outside it. In case an individual is interested only in ramp walking, he or she should participate in live fashion shows from the early years of his or her career.

Types of Modeling Jobs

There are a large number of modeling jobs for freshers in India. There are ample job opportunities for product models, fashion modeling and ramp models. Some of the broad categories featuring modeling jobs include television, print, advertising, showrooms and ramp or catwalk. Besides these, calendar, catalog, hair models, lifestyle, foot models, lingerie, fitness, music videos and sports are the other categories which offer modeling jobs to the freshers in India.

Eligibility for Modeling Jobs

For landing up with a modeling job, no formal qualification is required. There is also no age bar. However, individuals should first prepare their portfolio which consists of different kinds of photographs clicked by a professional photographer.

A career in modeling is highly competitive and challenging and hence, self confidence, patience, dedication and hard work are very crucial for achieving success in this profession. Attractive looks, good complexion, photogenic face and impressive height are a must. The person should also be open to criticisms. The standard height of a candidate should be 5’7″ to 6′ or 6′ plus. At the same time, it is important to have a positive and magnetic attitude. Knowledge of drama and theatrics and camera friendliness can go a long way in the line of fashion photography.

Major Companies/Agencies Offering Modeling Jobs

Aditi Modelling Service, Jeevan Informedia, Chennai Modelling Diary, New Indian Models (NIMs), Elite Model Management, Modelz World, Fashion India Modelling Institute, Glamindia Model Management and Fashion Institute, Dreamz Events n Ideas, to name a few, offer modeling jobs to the freshers in India.

Salary Package Expected

Modeling is a well paid job. A fresher can expect to earn somewhere between Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 12,000 per show or assignment. However, this is not a fixed package and the pay may vary based on numerous factors.