Salary of Jobs after B.A. in Geography

You can look forward to a very promising and prospective career if you earn a bachelor’s degree in geography. Armed with a B.A. in geography, you can apply for a job position in the related fields of cartography, survey, local and urban planning, GPRS, GPS, GIS, and so on. Depending upon the area you specialize in you can find employment as a demographer, forest manager, professor, research scientist, and so on.

However, completing your master’s in geography will give a fillip to your chances of getting jobs with lucrative pay packages. To work at a high-level position you’ll need to have excellent communication skills, a perceptive mind, and a zeal for laboratory and field work. You should be also interested in travelling, working independently, and be tech savvy to analyse, interpret, and decode complex technical data.

Job Positions with initial monthly salaries

Following are some job positions that you’d be apply for with a B.A. in Geography:-

  • Cartographer-8,500-12,500 INR
  • Demographer-9,300-13,200 INR
  • Surveyor-10,500-14,000 INR
  • GIS Professional-10,000-12,750 INR
  • Drafter-8,000-11,750 INR
  • Lecturer/Teacher-12,000-15,000 INR
  • Researcher-15,000-20,000 INR
  • Urban Planner-14,600-22,000 INR
  • Environmentalist-17,000-23,500 INR
  • Geography textbook writer-(depends on sales, royalties etc)
  • Logistics Manager-10,500-13,000 INR
  • Meteorologist-16,000-20,750 INR
  • Government officer/ employee-12,000-18,000 INR

Salary Package after B.A. in Geography

Your salary package will obviously depend on your job profile and responsibilities. Furthermore, your take home CTC will also depend on whether you’re employed in a private or public organization, years of experience, the industry you’re engaged in, academic qualifications, professional skills, and so on. However, for most jobs you can expect to start on an entry level salary of Rs. 10k – Rs. 13k per month.

Know the Salary Standard for Freshers in Various Jobs

For some job positions like cartographer, meteorologist, GIS specialist, and researcher you can anticipate a starting monthly salary in the range of 10,000-19,000 INR. Since demand for quality geographers is acute not only in India but abroad as well, you can negotiate for a good pay package if you can prove your mettle. If you can find employment in a corporate entity, not only will you get a high basic salary but also be entitled to receive a host of perks and emoluments.

Most private sector establishments and organization pay higher remunerations than public and/or government entities. If you’re exceptionally qualified, you can look ahead to an initial pay in the region of 16,000-26,000 INR per month. Needless to say, your salary keeps on rising as you amass experience. For instance, a highly experienced geographer employed in a private enterprise draws over 1, 25, 000 INR every month.
Average Salaries by years of experience for some select positions (like cartographer, demographer, environmentalist, and meteorologist and so on)

Years of Experience Average Per Annum Salary in lakhs INR
0-1 year 8,20,956 INR
1-4 years 12,70,720 INR
5-9 years 18,33,050 INR
10-19 years 20,21,000 INR
20 years and more 22,00,500 INR
Salary According to Job Positions after B.A. in Geography
Job Positions Average Monthly Salary (Maximum)
Cartographer 12,500 INR
Demographer 13,200 INR
Surveyor 14,000 INR
Urban Planner 22,000 INR
Operations Manager 32,000 INR
Office Manager 25,000 INR
Executive Secretary 62,000 INR
Executive Assistant 45,200 INR
Meteorologist 25,000 INR
Average Salaries by Certification
Certification Average Per Annum Salary (in lakhs INR)
Microsoft Certified Professional 6,50,010 INR
Cisco Certified Network Associate 3,95,600 INR
Microsoft Office Specialist (Excel) 5,10,000 INR
Certified SAS Base Programmer 6,50,000 INR
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt 18,75,000 INR
Project Management Professional 16,90,010 INR
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) 13,59,000 INR

Salaries in India According to Jobs

City wise Salary after B.A. in Geography
City (State) Average Per Annum Salary (in Lakhs INR)
Mumbai (Maharashtra) 5,53,300 INR
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Bangalore (Karnataka) 4,30,650 INR
Pune (Maharashtra) 5,26,000 INR
Gurgaon (Haryana) 43,0,000 INR
New Delhi 5,85,000 INR