The Middle East has always been prospective for Indian jobseekers. After the oil boom in the late seventies of the last century, development of industries other than the oil and gas segment, picked up pace throughout West Asia. UAE was one such country where the industries including but not limited to real estate, construction, insurance, banking, and telecommunications that formed the backbone of the economy started developing and burgeoning rapidly.

Presently UAE is one of the largest economies in the world with the different companies and organizations in every commercial or industrial sector in the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah fuelling the growth and development of the nation. A majority of overseas workers in UAE are Indians many of whom hold MBA degrees.

One finds Indian employees with MBA certification working in the industries of oil and gas, petroleum, information technology, manufacturing, construction, and so on. Most of the Indian employees holding MBA degrees have done specializations in human resources, business administration, finance, international marketing, and international business.

While many Indians hold managerial or executive-level positions, there are many who are employed as fresh MBA recruits. The average salary earned by a candidate who has just completed his MBA and taken up an entry-level position is 9 lakhs INR (about 47,470 AED) per annum.

Know MBA Salary in India before goto UAE

However, the starting salary varies from organization to organization, and is also dependent upon other factors like any special skills acquired, the size of the company one is employed with, the industry the organization is involved in and so on. Needless to say, the salary rises as the candidate gathers experience. For instance, an employee with an MBA certification who earns about 12 lakhs INR yearly (70,060 AED) will be earning nearly 27 lakhs after he gains five years of working experience.

Salary of Indian Employees in Terms of MBA Degree Held
Degree Held Average Salary in Lakhs (Arab Emirates Dirhams) I Dirham is equal to about 17 INR
Master of Business Administration AED 47470- 486600 (806990-8262000 INR)
Master of Business Administration (Marketing and Management) AED 48850- 352340 (816000-5989780 INR)
Master of Business Administration (Finance) AED 42990- 487430 (731000-8285800 INR)
Master of Business Administration (Business and Marketing) AED 49000- 487300 (833000-8284100 INR)
Master of Business Administration (Business Administration) AED 61440- 616 980 (1044480-10488660 INR)
Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) AED 29000- 307367 (493000-5225239 INR)
Master of Business Administration (International Business) AED 41100- 510650 (698700-8681050 INR)
Average Salary in Terms of Years of Experience
Years of Experience Average Salary in Lakhs AED
0-1 year AED 70080 (1191360 INR)
1-4 years AED 92 330 (15 69610 INR)
5-9 years AED 157150 (2671550 INR)
10-19 years AED 247240 (4203080 INR)
20 years and above AED 372310 (6329270 INR)

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Average Salary According to Organization/Employer
Organization/Employer Average Salary in Lakhs AED
Emirates Airlines AED 47970-AED 466620 (7932540 INR)
Standard Chartered Bank AED 42580-AED 433490 (7369500 INR)
Landmark Group AED 55056-AED 314144 (53440448 INR)
Etisalat AED 55 350-AED 421320 (7162440 INR)
Jumeirah Group AED 20990- AED303400 (5157800 INR)
International Business Machines Corp AED 97300-AED 611690 (10398730 INR)
Ernst & Young AED 13390-AED 497080 (8450360 INR)
Emirates Group AED 54800-AED 400910 (68154 70 INR)
HSBC AED 84600-AED 400900 (6815300 INR)
Dubai Health Authority AED 82856-AED 412410 (7010970 INR)
McDermott International Inc. AED 109960-AED 388690 (6607730 INR)
PriceWaterHouse Coopers AED 72020- 490090 (8331700 INR)
Siemens AED 55100- 373200 (6344400 INR)
Marriott International AED 21230- 300000 (5100000 INR)
Ericsson Inc. AED 27430- 893970 (15197490 INR)
Emirates Bank AED 101680- 476800 (8105600 INR)
Hewlett Packard AED 51230- 476800 (8105600 INR)
Oracle Corp AED 45000- 551675 (9378475 INR)
Accenture AED 14900- 217450 (3696650 INR)

Average Salary in Terms of Company Size
Size of Company Average Salary in Lakhs AED
1-10 AED 128830 (2190110 INR)
10-50 AED 123750 (2103750 INR)
50-200 AED 128430 (2183310 INR)
200-600 AED 158980 (2702660 INR)
600-2000 AED 171600 (2917200 INR)
2000-5000 AED 186136 (3164312 INR)
5000-20000 AED 213665 (3632305 INR)
20000-50000 AED 224560 (3817520 INR)
50000 and more AED 243980 (4147660 INR)

Average Salary in terms of Certification/Degree
Certification Average Salary in Lakhs AED
Project Management Professional AED 274200 (4661400 INR)
Certified Professional Engineer AED 168700 (2867900 INR)
Cisco Certified Network Associate AED 108780 (1849260 INR)
Chartered Accountant AED 201270 (3421590 INR)
Business Certificate AED 131175 (2229975 INR)
B.Com AED 84740 (1440580 INR)
Microsoft Certified Professional AED 131700 (2238900 INR)
Certified Public Accountant AED 183 060 (3112020 INR)
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer AED 142990 (2430830 INR)