A BBA degree will give your professional career a flying start. If you’re keen to make your mark in the realm of management and want to attain the zenith in your area of specialization, then you should be opting for a graduate program in business administration after high school. After you receive your BBA certification, you can apply to different vacancies in the management divisions of public and private-sector organizations. Private sector organizations offer in the region of Rs. 10K – Rs. 14K monthly. Some well-known organizations with offices throughout the length and breadth of the country and abroad as well offer starting salaries ranging between Rs. 12K – Rs. 14K. Public sector enterprises typically offer salaries of about Rs. 7K – Rs. 10K to fresh BBA graduates.

Some government organizations offer as much as Rs. 15K monthly to new recruits. After amassing say, 4 years of professional experience, you’ll be earning between Rs. 20K – Rs. 25K every month. Your salary will keep rising commensurate with your work experience. If you enrol for the distance MBA study program of an approved university or college not only will your career opportunities receive a boost but you’ll be able to submit your CV for an opening that’ll fetch you an initial monthly salary of Rs.15K – Rs. 20K Within 3 years your earnings augment by Rs. 12k – Rs. 15K.

Employment Areas

As a BBA graduate, you can launch your professional career in any of the following areas:-

  • Banking
  • Treasury
  • Foreign Exchange Department
  • Business
  • Budget Planning
  • Academic Institutes
  • Hotel Management
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Law
  • Management
  • Foreign Trade
  • Financial Services
  • Advertising Firms
  • Consultancies
  • IT and ITES
  • FMCG
  • Consumer Durables

After you successfully complete the BBA program from an august educational institution, you’ll be conscripted by a multinational or a large organization (via campus placement). You can look forward to a starting salary of approximately Rs. 12K – Rs. 15K every month

BBA Salary by Job

Job Average Salary Range in Lakhs
Operations Team Leader 400000
SAP Consultant 602000
Operations Manager 610500
Data Analyst 160000
Financial Analyst 250000
Business Development Executive 220000
Project Manager (IT) 525500

BBA Salary by Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary in lakhs
0-1 year 220000
1-4 years 296000
5-9 years 470000
10-19 years 910000

BBA Salary by City

City (State) Average Salary in lakhs (per annum)
Mumbai (Maharashtra) 690551
Bangalore (Karnataka) 463000
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 308100
Kolkata (West Bengal) 280452
Gurgaon (Haryana) 534800
New Delhi 259000
Delhi (NCR) 468450

BBA Salary in Terms of Size of Company

By Company Size (Number of employees) Average Salary in Lakhs INR
1-10 396100
10-50 298500
50-200 429050
200-600 360000
600-2000 387100
2000-5000 380000
5000-20000 400250
20000-50000 662600
50000 and above 532300

BBA Salary by Skill

Specialty or Skill Average Salary in Lakhs
Microsoft Excel 420000
Operations Management 549400
Microsoft Office 310300
Microsoft Word 410000
People Management 540100
Project Management 528000
Windows Operation Systems (General) 308500
Customer Relationship Management 485900
Recruiting 477550
Financial Reporting 264230

Salaries for Different Job Positions

When you commence practicing in a law court, you can earn Rs. 8K – Rs. 12K per month depending upon the attorney you’re employed under. As a law graduate, you can of course earn much more as a corporate counsel or legal advisor in a corporate establishment or as a law professor in a college or academic institution. Needless to say, your earnings keep on rising commensurate with your experience.

Salaries in Private Sector

As far as remunerations for private sector openings are concerned, the salary you’ll ultimately receive will to a large extent depend upon the size and standing of the organization. Generally, a firm employing 50-150 people will offer you in the region of Rs. 8K – Rs. 12K monthly that’ll rise to Rs. 13K – Rs. 14K after 3-4 years.

If you can find a job as an area manager (after completing a MBA) you’ll be able to start on a salary of Rs. 18K – Rs. 20K per month. You can also apply for the post of account manager or accountant that’ll fetch you a minimum initial salary of Rs. 14K – Rs. 16K per month. After 4-6 years, you’ll be promoted to the post of zonal sales manager when you’ll be earning a salary of Rs. 6 Lakh – Rs. 8 Lakh per annum.

Salaries in Public Sector

As far as the public sector is concerned, you’ll be able to apply to managerial level jobs. For instance, you can apply to openings in the banking, human resources, and tourism sectors. If you go for a specialization along with your BBA (like in banking, insurance, tourism, IT, human resources and so on), you’ll be eligible to apply for a job with a minimum monthly salary of 20,000-25,000 INR. After you garner sufficient experience, you’ll be promoted to a high level designation when you’ll making around 40,000-60,000 INR every month.