Overview of Jobs and Salary After BCA

A BCA degree can take you places. With a bachelor’s degree in computer applications, you can find a reasonably good start in the Information Technology industry. BCA holders get job in IT segments like software Services, Business Process Management (BPM/BPO), engineering services and computer hardware. Entry level BCA job salary can be between 18,000-25,000 INR per month after you complete a short training. You can apply to businesses involved in IT and ITES segments both in the private and public sector. With your BCA certification, you’ll also be eligible to apply jobs to companies and organizations engaged in other commercial segments including but not limited to banking, energy, telecommunications, and engineering. Since IT professionals are required for running the essential automation in almost all establishments, big or small, your chances of landing an entry-level position within a short period of completing your BCA are also very high.

You can expect to start Job after BCA degree with a monthly salary of at least 15,000-18,000 INR (which could be more if you’re employed by an established organization like WIPRO, TCS or Infosys). Needless to say, your remuneration will go up substantially as you become more experienced.

Additionally, if you earn a MCA degree or go for specialization in a computer language program like JAVA, ORACLE or C++ while carrying on with your job, your salary will receive a hike. So, if you begin with a monthly pay of say, 18,000 INR, your remuneration will be nearly doubled after you complete your MCA program.

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Job Opportunities Areas after BCA Course

Following are some of the employment opportunities or segments for computer application graduates.

  • Graphics
  • Banks
  • BPO
  • Multimedia
  • Faculty in training institutes and schools
  • Electrical and Electronics OEM
  • Financial Institutions
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Government Departments and Agencies
  • Software Development
  • System Maintenance
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Software Programming
  • Game Design, Testing and Development
  • Mainframe
  • Website Design

Median BCA Job Salary by Profile

(BCA – Entry Level)


Job Title Average Salary Range (Per Month)
Software Developer Trainee Rs.17333
Trainee Programmer Rs.17833
Ecommerce Executive Rs.21000
Technical Support Rs.22200
Server Monitoring Rs.18500
Networking Trainee Rs.16500
System Administrator-Computer Rs.20500
Server Administrator Rs.21560
Software Engineer Trainee Rs.19500
Bank Operations Rs. 22250
IT Recruiter Trainee Rs. 18500
Online Marketing Rs. 22000
Search Engine Marketing Rs. 19500
Data Administration Rs. 22000
IT Executive Rs. 21200
Online Sales Admin Rs. 20000
Inventory Management Online Rs. 19600
Backoffice Operations Rs. 17500
Non Voice Process Rs. 16200

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Salary for BCA Freshers by Company

Company Average Salary (Rupees per annum)
HCL Rs.240,000- 280,000
TCS Rs.267,000 – 320,000
Cognizent Rs.265,000 – 300,000
Aricent Rs.290,000 – 315,000
Microsoft Rs.300,000 – 360,000
Wipro Rs.275,000 – 325,000

BCA Median Salary Jobs by Experience

Years of Experience Average Salary in Rupees
0-1 year Rs. 280,000
1-4 years Rs.445,560
5-9 years Rs.764,000
10-19 years Rs.1,127,500

BCA Median Salary by City

(All Experience – BCA without any higher degree/skill addition)

City (State) Average Salary in Rupees (per annum)
Bangalore (Karnataka) Rs.360,600
New Delhi Rs.332,000
Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Rs.320,020
Mumbai (Maharashtra) Rs.332,000
Pune(Maharashtra) Rs.316,000
Delhi (NCR) Rs.312,000
Hyderabad Rs.310,000

BCA Median Salary Jobs by Industry

(All Experience – BCA without any higher degree/skill addition)

Industry Average Salary in Rupees
Information Technology and ITES Rs.486,000
Software as a Service (SaaS) Rs.505,030
Software Development Rs.542,300
Information Technology (Consulting) Rs.626,100
Manufacturing Rs.480,000
Automobile Rs.502,290
Banking Rs.520,100

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Median BCA Jobs Salary by Company Size

By Company Size
(Number of employees)
Average Salary in Rupees
1-9 Rs.267,700
10-49 Rs.260,360
50-200 Rs.272,100
200-600 Rs.305,700
600-2,000 Rs.390,000
2,000-5,000 Rs.455,000
5,000-20,000 Rs. 480,000
20,000-50,000 Rs.550,230
50,000 and above Rs.604,000

Best BCA Colleges to Study

Having said all about salary after BCA degree, now question remains where to study for BCA. Hundreds of public and private colleges and universities offer BCA course, but all are not fine in the point of view of securing good job in reputed companies. There are good colleges with remarkable academic and professional standing in India. We provide a list of best BCA colleges here. The selection is based on our study and compilation of various data available on the performance of the colleges. The factors considered are:-

  • Placement Track Record for last 5 years
  • Student Ranking in relevant All India Entrance Exams
  • Average Entry salary drawn by graduates from the college
  • Placement Company’s reputation in the job market
  • Rank of the colleges where the pass outs got admission for higher studies
  • Continuous Ranking by reputed ranking organizations
  • Overall reputation of the college in academics


Top 10 Colleges for BCA Study in India

Rank 1: Christ College University, Bangalore

Rank 2: Madras Christian College

Rank 3: Presidency College, Bangalore

Rank 4: Stella Mary’s College, Chennai

Rank 5: Loyola College Chennai

Rank 6: Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research, Pune

Rank 7: Xavier Institute of Computer Applications, Ahmedabad

Rank 8: Dept of Computer Studies, Kurukshetra University

Rank 9: Birla Institute of Technology, Mersa

Rank 10: College of Engineering, Roorkie

Career Opportunities for BCA Graduates with Salaries

Armed with your BCA degree, you’ll conveniently find a job in a reputed public or private sector entity. Most organization these days need software programmers and engineers, software developers, trouble-shooters, system analyzer, network designer, game developers and testers, and webmasters and so on. You’ll easily find a job as a software developer or programmer in a private enterprise on a starting salary of 18,000-20,000 (per month).

As far as the public sector is concerned, you’ll need to sit for a qualifying exam to land a job. Once you’re recruited, you’ll be offered a monthly salary of at least 25,000 INR along with other perks and emoluments. Your salary will be upwardly revised every time you’re promoted or when a ‘pay commission’ recommends hikes in basic salaries.

When you’re recruited as a trainee in an organization, you’ll be offered not less than 10,000 monthly as a stipend. Once you’re through with the training, you’ll be getting between 25,000-32,000 INR. Some well-known companies are known to offer as much as 50,000 INR after the completion of training period. The median salary that fresh BCA graduates receive is about 10,000-12,000 INR. An experienced BCA graduate gets around 18,000 every month. Employees in executive and managerial positions receive nearly 30,000 pm.