If you want to do your bit in restoring law and order in this topsy-turvy world by bringing anti-socials and lawbreakers to book and helping the gullible get justice, then you should be opting for a program in LLB. A LLB will help you to lay the foundations for a successful legal career. Apart from practicing as a lawyer in a court or as a solicitor in a law firm nowadays, law graduates have the option of practicing as a legal consultant/law officer/legal executive in a large corporate organization, NGO, LPO (legal process outsourcing) or in a NGO. When you start practicing as an attorney or solicitor, your monthly salary will be around 12,000-16,000 that will of course rise substantially once you become a seasoned professional.

If you can get a break in a large corporate organization, your starting salary will be in the region of 25,000-30,000 INR per month. Furthermore, if you continue with your legal education and earn a masters degree in LLB, you’ll be able to apply for the position of legal counsel in a legal firm or corporate entity where you’ll be getting a minimum monthly salary of 70,000 INR.

As you acquire experience, you progress in your career by becoming a corporate legal manager where you make nothing less than 1, 00, 000 INR per month. After amassing extensive experience, you can become the legal services chief of the law department of an entity where you earn a CTC of at least 22, 00, 000 lakhs per annum.

Employment Areas and Career Options

There are several career alternatives you can explore after earning your LLB degree. You can start practicing as an assistant lawyer or advocate under a senior in a court of law. You can set your sights on becoming a judge by qualifying in the judicial exam conducted by state or union public service commissions. After you gain sufficient experience as a judge, you’ll be on your way to become a senior Public Prosecutor or Solicitor General. You can also consider working as a legal counsel in a private law firm, NGO, real estate agency, BPO, KPO or LPO, teach in a law school or open your own consultancy firm in the long run.

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Salaries for Different Job Positions

When you commence practicing in a law court, you can earn 7,000-40,000 per month depending upon the attorney you’re employed under. As a law graduate, you can of course earn much more as a corporate counsel or legal advisor in a corporate establishment or as a law professor in a college or academic institution. Needless to say, your earnings keep on rising commensurate with your experience.

Average Salary of Employees Having a LLB Degree
Job Title Average Salary Range in Lakhs INR
Legal Manager 7,52,000
Legal Advisor 3,06,000
Legal Counsel 8,40,020
Corporate Legal Manager 17,00,000
Associate Attorney (Legal Firm) 9,61,000
Legal Services Chief 22,00,200
Legal Support Officer 3,11,600


Average Salary of Employees in Terms of Experience
Years of Employment Average Salary in lakhs
0-1 year 1,86,000
1-4 years 4,21,000
5-9 years 6,28,600
10-19 years 13,00,010
20 years and above 15,00,356

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Average Salary in Different Cities
City (State) Average Salary in lakhs (per annum)
Bangalore (Karnataka) 6,00,300
New Delhi 10,23,256
Mumbai (Maharashtra) 1394392
Delhi 5,50,000
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) 6,00,000
Pune (Maharashtra) 850050
Mumbai (Metro) Maharashtra 7,97,550
Average Salary in Terms of Size of Company
By Company Size (Number of employees) Average Salary in Lakhs INR
1-10 5,09,714
10-50 2,94,800
50-200 5,00,050
200-600 8,50,000
600-2000 10,72,020
2000-5000 7,44,100
5000-20000 12,00,000
20000-50000 11,40,400
Average Salary in Terms of Certification
Certification Average Salary in Lakhs INR
LLB Degree 7,41,000
Chartered Accountant along with LLB 27,00,000
Average Salary in Terms of Area of Practice
Area of Practice Average Salary in Lakhs INR
Contract Law 7,51,000
Construction/Real Estate 8,04,400
Corporate Affairs 10,37,542
Taxation Laws 9,60,600
General 12,00,000
Intellectual Property Law 3,54,400
Government (Municipal Local and State) 13,50,010

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Average Salary According to Industry
Industry Average Salary in Lakhs INR
Legal Services 5,19,240
Telecommunications 20,00,000
Informational Technology Services 9,55,000
Consulting 17,00,340
BPO 4,95,100
Transportation Warehousing and Logistics 13,00,050
Real Estate/Construction 5,02,020