Teaching Jobs & Salaries for Freshers in Delhi

The teaching jobs for freshers in Delhi are plenty and offer opportunities in distinct fields to try hand at. The teaching job offers in Delhi are not restricted to any particular category such as schools or colleges. The offers are open for other reputed institutes also where the incumbent is required to impart knowledge in his or her area of expertise, e.g. taking class in any of the computer training centers. There are other technical institutes also which require expertise in teaching field.

Teaching Job Profile

An essential role which is required to be played by an individual seeking an opportunity in teaching field is that he or she should be good in managing classes and excellent in imparting knowledge to the students. Those looking for teaching jobs for software or hardware programs, they need to be proficient in their respective subjects. For example, the person interested in joining teacher’s profile for AUTOCAD/ CATIA V5/ Pro/E, he should be able to communicate his views on it. The job also requires course development. Research is the other part of this job. The area also includes the role of a trainer. Besides, supervisory and mentoring are the other roles that an aspirant of teaching job needs to play. These are the basic roles and responsibilities that an aspirant looking for teaching jobs for freshers in Delhi will have to perform.

Teaching Jobs on Offer

The various jobs on offer for teaching in Delhi include positions for Teachers of Physics, Mathematics , Chemistry, Science , Hindi, Sanskrit, English , Social Science, Music, Games or Physical Education and Computers. Teacher trainer jobs are also available.

Eligibility for Teaching Jobs

The eligibility criteria for the teaching jobs for freshers in Delhi are that the person should possess excellent communication skills. He or she should be fluent in English. The aspirant should also have a good command over the language in which he or she intends to impart education. The aspirants holding degree of B.Tech, B.E., M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed. and MBA will get preference. Montessori Trainer Diploma in Teacher Education and Montessori Diploma in Infant, Toddler and early childhood education will also find suitable jobs.

Salay Expected
Teachers are well paid and are entitled to various allowances. Delhi pays decent salary packages to the teacher for the 8-3 job. Teachers in Delhi get paid between Rs. 2.2 Lakh – Rs. 3.5 Lakh, depending upon skills and the class they are going to teach, their salary may vary.