Productivity Tips
As freshers’ begin their careers, they have countless dreams and expectations from their professional life. However, one of the toughest challenge faced by new entrants in the corporate world is productivity.Even though all of us are given 24 hours in a day, there are some people who do twice the work and achieve way more than others.

In a recent study by New Work Project, employees were asked to determine factors that will boost their productivity at work. 37% of employees said working away from interruptions, 23% said shorter meetings, 19% said setting their own working hours, 18% feel regular training skills and 3% said no social media.

One of the best ways to progress in your career and get that next promotion, salary growth and appreciation from seniors is to do more with the time you’ve been given. When you leave office after a super productive day, you will feel an unbeatable high and a true sense of accomplishment.

10 Simple Tips to Boost Your Productivity at Work

1 – Use Your Morning Time Effectively

Remember that the way you begin your day will define the overall quality of your entire day. Start with a fresh mind, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast and meditate before you begin your work day. You might be tempted to read mails as soon as you wake up but you must resist the urge and utilize this time to focus on yourself.

2 – Tackle Challenging Tasks First

Tasks that are dreadful or require extensive brain involvement must be tackled on a priority, preferably before lunch. This will help you do well in challenging tasks as your brain is fresh and you can use the afternoon for meetings or exciting and inspiring tasks.

3 - Embrace better email etiquette

As per the study ‘Perspectives on Productivity’, it is noted that employees spend 46% of their time in managing emails but generate only 11% value from the activity. Emails are known to be an employee’s worst enemy. Schedule 2-3 fixed times in a day to check your email and respond only at those times.

4 - Say no to multitasking

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is not really popular at the workplace. According to a study by Salesforce, multitasking can reduce productivity by 40%. Changing tasks for more than 10 times a day can reduce your IQ by average 10 points and decrease your productivity as well. As per a study by Stanford University, multitasking is less productive than focusing on one task at a time. It reduces your performance and efficiency as your brain lacks the capacity to focus on multiple tasks at the same time.

5 - Use technology to your advantage

Apart from being a distraction, technology can actually help you focus. Productive employees let technology work for them. Use apps and notifications that will enable you to only check priority mails or messages, thus saving you from distraction and keeping you alert in case of any urgent work.

6 - Don’t let social media rule you

As a fresher, it is natural to be used to constantly stay updated on social media and keep checking social network sites. However, use it only if it is required as a part of your job to increase your productivity and decrease distractions.

7 - Harness the power of saying No

Freshers are usually afraid to say no to their bosses or managers. However, you must learn that no is a powerful word that productive people use efficiently. By saying no to new commitments, you get a chance to honour existing commitments and complete them within time. As per a research at University of California, people who have trouble saying no are more prone to depression and burnout whereas people who learn to say no have shown an uplift in mood and productivity.

8 - Limit meeting time

Meetings are known to take away time from your calendars and thus, it is best to stick to a schedule when it comes to meetings. Productive people are well-aware that meetings can drag on for a long time and thus, they inform everyone beforehand that the meetings should be completed with the given time.

9 - Stay away from distractions

As per the Salesforce study, 63% respondents mentioned that loud colleagues are a huge distraction at work. Move away from any distraction physically, use earphones for better focus and ask your colleagues to not disturb you for a certain amount of time for better focus.

10 - Take breaks

Research suggests that working in 90-minute intervals can maximise productivity at work. Go for coffee or tea breaks when you get sleepy in the afternoon as they can boost productivity by 19% and increase alertness as well. A 10-minute walk, talking to a co-worker or a glass of water can give your brain a break and allow it to function better when you return to work.

In order to gain the edge at work and be noticed in your first year, it is important to use time efficiently and work smarter, not just harder. These strategies will help you climb the ladder in the corporate world at a faster pace and yield positive results in the long run.

None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can! - Ratan Tata