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Immigration Consultants in India

It is a known fact that getting a visa to countries like Australia, UK, Japan, Singapore and US is not an easy task. It is a complicated process, especially when we deal with Australia. Not only is it a time-consuming process, but a slight error on your part anywhere in your application can cause rejection of the entire application and no explanation is needed for that. That’s the reason there is a common practice to hire an agency or a person, specializing in Visa applications.

There are numerous agencies that deal with visa applications in India, and some of these immigration consultants are mentioned in the websites of the immigration departments of these countries. The services of course are not free, and sometimes they charge a hefty fee, but they turn out to be extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to dealing with the specific laws of these countries and also with translation issues.

We should also warn you about the mushrooming immigration agencies in the length and breadth of the country, most of them might not be genuine. Every day numerous scams are being reported, and some of these scam stories can be found even on the Internet, if you simply search with the key words like “immigration consultancies in India.” There are many websites that issue scam alerts. Many people are conned into paying thousands of rupees to get their visa applications processed and to get the visa issued, but many of them never received anything back. When they checked with the immigration authorities of those countries they had applied the visa for, they were told that there was no history of any visa applications filed with their names.

Some of the agencies were found to contact their clients, a few months after receiving the payment that the application was rejected and the entire immigration process has to be restarted afresh, and for that they need to make the payment again.

Though, the immigration authorities of these countries issue scam alerts and target many offshore immigration consultants and get them close down, but it is very difficult to monitor such things in a country like India, where many of these agencies come up with a different name quickly. It is therefore recommended that, you should thoroughly investigate your visa agency or advocate, before you decide to pay them or supply your personal information.

The official government websites for immigration to these countries contain all the relevant information you need during your visa application process. You can also find numerous phone numbers to contact the immigration counselors and customer service people working for these authorities, who would assist you with your specific queries in a reliable manner. They will not charge you any extra penny for that. So, hiring an immigration consultant in India is not necessary as the number of people who are getting their visas successfully without any third-party interference or assistance is increasing. There are numerous instances, where people who got the visas never approached any intermediary in India or elsewhere.

Recently, some of these countries have also started electronic visa processing, in which the entire application is online, and you just need your passport, e-mail address and credit card number to file the application. These methods are extremely transparent and easy as compared to the fraudulent agencies and consultants. Though, you are advised to exercise extreme caution with your visa application to make sure it’s correct and even if you have to approach an immigration consultant, make sure they are genuine.

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