Important Notice (“This website”) is a web portal that provides information to the Job-seeker. This website is only an information portal and does not provide recruitment service of any kind. Also this Website is not a recruitment firm. This Website neither acts as Labour Consultant to any Employer nor acts as Employment Partners of any Employer. This Website in not into any agreement with any Consultant/Consultant Agency for the purpose of recruitment for this Website/its subsidiary/its associates or for any other Employer.

The perpetrators are now a days getting undue advantage of the Internet and committing e – mail scam fraud by phishing* gullible users of Internet. At times, non – existing job offers/backdoor entry offers are sent by the perpetrators vie e – mails (spoofed* in the manner that it appears to have originated from this Website) to collect unlawfully, personal information and /or money from unsuspecting Job – Seekers. The Job – Seekers are being warned of those suspecting e – mails that:


  • Offer back-door entries in any organization.

  • Offer jobs abroad and ask money/security amount to process immigration formalities like confirmation of VISA etc.

  • Ask for money – transfer, monetary transactions or payment for any recruitment/employment related purpose.

  • Ask for your personal information which is not related to your work, like – Bank information and Credit Card Information.

The Job – Seekers are advised in their own interest, not to respond to such e – mails without:

  • Verifying the content of the e – mail sent by anyone claiming to be the representative of an Employer or representative of this Website.

  • Making discreet/thorough inquiry before acting upon any such e – mail/phone calls.

  • Verifying from the Employer and/or this Website, the legitimacy of the person with whom you are interacting.
In case of any suspicion, the Job – Seekers are also advised to report the incident to this Website at .

Since this Website is neither into the the business of recruitment nor act as Labour Consultant to or Employment Partner of any Employer, we expressly disclaim any liability arising out of such incidents.

Phishing: An attempt by the fraudsters to fish others for their personal information by luring the recipient of e - mails
* Spoofing: The 'from address' of the e – mail is forged by the fraudsters to make it appear as if it came from a source that it actually did not come from.

Last Updated:14/02/2014