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Career Prospects in Automobile Sector

Automobile industry is witnessing a very high growth rate. With many new projects, Indian companies are entering the global arena. This
has led to more and more jobs in the industry. One has to specialize in automobile/mechanical engineering to enter the industry.

The Certificate Courses for employment opportunities in the industry are:

a) Certificate in Engineering Mechanics
b) Certificate in Applied Thermodynamics

The Diploma Programmes offered are:

a) Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering
b) Post Diploma in Automobile Engineering
c) Post Diploma in Robotics & Automation
The Degree Programmes offered are:

a) B.Tech. /B.E. Degree in Mechanical Engineering
b) M.Tech. Degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Machine Design
c) M.Tech. Degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Automobile Engineering
d) M.Tech. Degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in CAD/CAM and Automation


The degree programmes take 4 years for completion; the duration for certification courses varies from 6 months to 1 year.


Higher secondary (class XII) with minimum eligibility criteria in Physics, Math and Chemistry.
Vocational course with minimum eligibility criteria in Physics, Math and Chemistry from a recognized institution.

The Automobile/Mechanical engineering focuses on a range of specializations.

Students can choose from the various subjects offered in mechanical/automobile field:





Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

Heat and Mass Transfer

Professional Ethics

Finite Element Technique

Applied Thermodynamics

Automobile Engineering



Thermal Engineering

Design of Transmission System

Computer Aided Design

Special Casting Process

Gas Dynamics and Space Propulsion

Design of Jigs, Fixtures and Press Tools

Principles of Environmental Science & Engineering

Advanced IC Engineering

Gas Dynamics and Space Propulsion

Design of Machine Elements

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Unconventional Machining Process

Engineering Metrology

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Process Planning and Cost Estimation

Modern Manufacturing System

Composite Materials and Technology

Some laboratory courses and workshops are also conducted to give practical knowledge to students:




Instrumentation Lab

Metrology Lab

MTAB CNC Trainer Lathe - XLTURN

AutoCAD 2002

Speed Measuring System

Mechanical Comparator

MTAB CNC Milling Machine - STAR MILL

I-DEAS 8.0 Artisan Modeler

Temperature Measuring System


Optical Profile Projector


Iron CAD

Sound Level Meter

Auto Collimator

Fluid Machinery Lab

Basic Workshop

Heat Power Engineering Lab

Metallurgy Lab

Orifice and Venturimeter


Blower and Compressor Testing

Electric Muffler

Test Rig


Engine Test


Pelton Wheel Turbine

Power Hack Saw Mechanics

Equipment or Fuel Testing

Solar Power Utilization

The Employment Opportunities

Indian automobile sector is open for all automobile/mechanical engineers or diploma holders. A number of jobs are offered in the sector. The important ones are:

Division Job Division Job
Engineers Product Development Design Engineer Manufacturing Engine Component Planner and Assembly
Mechanical Engineer Final Vehicle Inspection/ Quality Executive
Sr. Engineer Purchase Technical Associate
Supervisors Workshop Supervisor Design RF Design Engineer
Production Supervisor Others Company Secretary
Shift Supervisors   IT Head
Operations Senior Executive - Mechanical / Maintenance   Asst. General Service Manager
  Factory Automation   Sales Consultants

The companies employing automobile/mechanical engineers are:

•  Ashok Leyland Ltd. - ELGI Equipments Ltd.

•  Tata Motors Ltd. - Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

•  Monomark Engineering Industry (P) Ltd. - Maruti Udyog Ltd.

•  Hero Group - Bajaj Auto Ltd.

•  Yamaha Motor India - Hyundai Motors

•  Toyota - Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.

•  Mody Motors - Autofin Pvt. Ltd.

•  Pradeep Metals Ltd. - TAFE

•  Honeywell Automation India Ltd. - Fiat

•  Ford Motors - TELCO

•  Hindustan Motors

Employment in automobile sector  

At present Indian automobile industry comprises of more than ten million employees. With the current growth scenario, it is also expected that the industry will be employing many more people in the near future.

Present employment trend