Maruti Udyog Limited
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Employment At Maruti

Maruti Udyog's employee base consists of highly dedicated and innovative human resource with common goals and objectives. Maruti
Udyog is in the process of setting up new car plants with new car launches. The company is open for people who are dedicated, innovative and dynamic.

Board of Directors

The Board at Maruti Udyog Limited consists of 12 directors.
Board of Directors of Maruti Udyog Limited

Position Personnel
Chairman Mr Shinzo Nakanishi
Managing Director Mr Jagdish Khattar
Senior Joint Managing Director Mr. Tsuneo Kobayashi
Joint Managing Director Mr Hirofumi Nagao
Mr Shinichi Takeuchi
Director (Marketing & Sales) Mr. Shuji Oishi
Directors Mr Osamu Suzuki
Mr R C Bhargava
Mr. D. S. Brar
Mr. Amal Ganguli
Ms Pallavi Shroff
Mr Manvinder Singh Banga

Organizational Structure
Maruti Udyog has a flat organizational structure.

Maruti's Work Culture

At Maruti, empowerment is being practiced. The employees are free to make suggestions. Teamwork
and quality are important ingredients in Maruti. Also, problem-solving approach is practiced at Maruti. For this purpose, a team of 5-8 members is formed to identify the problems and then finding solutions to the prioritized problems. These groups are known as Quality Circles.

Participative management, teamwork, kaizen (continuous improvement), communication and information sharing, open office culture for easy accessibility, etc. are some of the management practices followed at Maruti Udyog Ltd.