Biotechnology Industry


Biotechnology is defined as the technology that uses biological systems, organisms, or derivatives thereof, for the benefit of humankind. It is a powerful technology with the potential to
transform many industrial sectors like forestry, fishing, pharmaceuticals and health, agriculture, textiles, environmental industries and energy and mining, etc. It can be classified as follows:

Modern Biotechnology : It is a recent, research based technology. It performs a range of activities in the
areas of molecular and cellular biology, recombinant DNA technology, biochemistry, immunology, etc.
Gene Technology : It is a subset of biotechnology. It involves scientific manipulation of living organisms at genetic level to produce
new vaccines, hormones, and monoclonal hormones.
  • BioPharma : Therapeutics, diagnostics, vaccines and animal health care products are its major products.
  • BioIndustrial : It consists of organic amino acids, enzymes, and yeast and yeast-based products.
  • BioServices : It involves contract research, contract manufacturing and clinical research.
  • BioAgri : It comprises of biopesticides, genetically engineered seeds and biofertilisers.
  • Bio-IT : Products and services in bioinformatics represent this sector.