Biotechnology Industry

Scope of Biotechnology Sector

Biotechnology Sector: Current Scenario
In 1978, Circa was the only Indian biotech company that used to manufacture fermentations and
enzyme products. Today, Indian biotech sector comprises of more than 280 companies, generating revenues of about US$ 1.5 billion. Indian biotech industry comprises of clinical research, new drug discovery, bioinformatics, contract R&D, biopharmaceuticals, etc.

In India, Bangalore has emerged as the largest biotech hub with a total annual sales revenue of about Rs. 1400 crore. There are about 175 companies working in the diverse areas of bioagri, bioindustrial, bioservices, nutraceutical, biopharma, bioinformatics, herbal products and biosuppliers.
With the supporting policy framework, biogenerics or biosimilars, bio manufacturing, stem
cells and regenerative medicine have been identified as areas of strategic importance. Biotech sector achievements are as follows:

  • Biotech Industry has 37.42% growth rate per annum
  • Biotech industry has reached US$ 1.5 billion
  • Bioservices has reached US$ 160 million
  • Bioagri sector has crossed US$ 130 million
  • Biopharma has reached US$ 1billion

    Biotechnology Sector: Future Scenario
    Globally, Indian biotech industry has emerged as the manufacturer of novel and proprietary biotech products. The factors behind this success are specialized human resource, internationally benchmarked infrastructure and national biotechnology strategy.

    With 208 biotech companies and 180 bio-suppliers, Indian biotech industry is worth US$ 1.45 billion. Bio-partnering and co-developing technologies with American and Chinese companies will increase the scope of R&D in India.

    Emerging investment opportunities and increasing global visibility has forced Indian biotech companies to develop business models, improve product commercialization and make strong market position.

    Infrastructure for R&D in protein engineering, molecular studies, immunological studies and drug designing is also developing. There is lot of scope in biogenerics sector as many biological drugs are going off-patent in coming years.

    Regulatory framework in association with strong biomanufacturing skills will help in getting approval for generic versions of biologicals e.g. GCSF, insulin, Hep B vaccine, etc.