Marico Industries

Marico is a leading Indian group operating in Consumer Products Aesthetic Services Global Ayurvedics Business Marico has generated a turnover of Rs. 11.5 billion (US$ 250 Million) during 2005-06. It is a leading Indian group in Consumer Products and Services. Marico's well-known brands are: Parachute Saffola Sweekar Hair & … [Read more...]

Nestle India Ltd

Nestle' is a household name in India, since 1912, when it embarked upon trading as the Nestle Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (Export) Limited, to import and sell finished products in India. It was originally founded in Vevey, Switzerland in 1867. However, Nestle India attained its present day position after India's independence, with the establishment of its first … [Read more...]

Procter Gamble

About Procter & Gamble Procter & Gamble is a US-based company. Procter & Gamble is in the manufacturing of personal care products, pet food and household cleaners. P&G has an employee base of 110,000 people and earned the revenues of $68.22 billion in 2006. P&G is the parent company of companies such as Clairol, and shaving supply company Global Gillette. Contact Procter … [Read more...]

ITC Limited

ITC was set up in 1910 by the name of 'Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited'. The company is now known as Indian Tobacco Company Ltd. ITC provides very good employment and has very good employees satisfaction policies. The employees are taken very good care of in ITC, and employees work very happily there. ITC has many different divisions and is not only confined to the … [Read more...]

FMCG Companies in India

Recently, the FMCG industry in India is undergoing sea changes with both domestic and international brands trying to attract more number of consumers. FMCG companies in India have always enjoyed a vast potential market because of the large population of the country. The improved economic situation of both the rural and urban consumers has helped FMCG companies to further … [Read more...]