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Fruit Juices

Household Care Overview

India is the second largest market for foods and vegetables in the world. The total production of foods and vegetables is estimated to be around 148.5 million tonnes, out of which fruits
account for only 48.5 million tonnes and the rest 100 million tonnes is accounted for by vegetables. However, the fruit juice market has not been fully tapped because of poor infrastructure, poor storage facilities, and highly unorganized market, chiefly constituted by road side vendors. Consumers still prefer to buy juices from road side vendors even if the juices are unhygienic.
The major growth drivers in fruit juice market are, increase in health consciousness among consumers, increase in disposable incomes, and more sophisticated cocktail culture.

Major players and their brands
The major players in the fruit juices market are:
  • Pepsi with its brand Tropicana
  • Dabur Foods with its brand Real
  • Coca Cola India with its brand Maaza