FMCG Sector

Skin Care

The skin care market is valued at $180 million in India. With safe and effective procedures, advancement in medical technology, increase in awareness, the Indian Skin care solutions business is growing very fast.

The skin care market can be segregated into toners, cleansers, sunscreens, anti-wrinkle creams,
dark circle removing creams, astringents, facial creams, moisturizers, fairness creams, day and night creams, etc. Out of these, facial creams, moisturizers, fairness creams, day and night creams, etc. are the most popular products and account for approximately 60% of the skin care segment.
The skin care market is at a primary stage in India. The penetration level for both the urban and rural market is low. Many people still prefer to use home made and traditional products to cure the skin problems. However, within a period of five-six years, the use of skin care products has increased significantly in India. With changing life styles, increase in disposable incomes, greater product choice and availability, and influence of satellite television, more
people are taking interest in personal grooming. The facial skin care market is booming. Products are competing with one another to take shelf space in the retail stores. Facial skin care products have become an essential part of the beauty market. Like western countries, creams and potions are applied in India also, in an effort to remove the pimples and the acne, fight stress and worry lines, and to remain young. Since the penetration level is still relatively low, growth is expected to be around 25% over the next five years.

Some of the major players in this segment are Hindustan Lever (Fair & Lovely, Lakme, Ponds) with a market share of 53%, followed by CavinKare- Fairever with a market share of over12 % and Godrej-Fair Glow with a market share of 3.4 %. The other players that have a presence in the market are Emami (Gold Turmeric and Naturally Fair), Revlon (Fair & Glow).