Career Prospects

Career opportunities in IT sector are bright and growing in India as well as abroad. IT is a diverse industry in which companies are looking for a multi-skilled, tech savvy workforce. Even if you are not planning to enter the sector directly, you will still need IT skills for employment in other sectors. India’s large population is more of a strength than weakness. It is a huge potential market. In the year 2006-07, the industry hired approximately 3, 80,000 people. Out of these, the ITeS sector hired 2,00,000 people and the rest were taken by IT sector. The recruitment trends of some IT giants are given below:

TCS- 35,000

Entry Level Career Options

Career Institutes in India

As in the earlier years, the salary growth in 2006-07 was to the tune of 12-15 percent. According to the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India, by 2008, there will be:

(a) 2.63 lakh postgraduates, 7.85 lakh graduates, 7.42 lakh diploma holders.
(b) 10.5 lakh in people in hardware and 7.5 lakh in ITES.

Some of the areas of specialization in the IT Industry are-

  • Designing
  • Research and Development in Peripheral Integration
  • Product Quality Control and Reliability Testing
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Maintenance Service
  • System Developing /Programming /Software Engineering
  • Networking
  • Application Programming
  • EDP/ E- Commerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Database Warehousing and Management
  • Operating jobs, Computer operators, Data Entry
  • Education and Training

The IT industry is facing problems in hiring talented people. The demand of engineers is more as compared to other graduates in India. Unfortunately, the knowledge level of engineering graduates is not up to the standards of the industry needs. At times, they lack soft skills and good communication. More training is required in these fields. Only around 25% of the technical graduates and 10-15% of other graduates are suitable for hiring in IT and BPO industries.

Hardware and Software areas in this sector require science background and mathematical skills for the technical work. Programmers require analytical power and mental ability. IT enabled job roles require creative, problem solving and technical skills. Good communication is a must for all the job roles.

Pay packages offered in this industry- Entry level pay packages can be:

Systems Analysis: Rs.10,000 – Rs.15,000 p.m.
Data Warehousing: Rs.15,000 p.m.
E-Commerce: Rs.10,000 – Rs.15,000 pm
Networking: Rs.10,000 – Rs.12,000 pm.

Educational Qualifications – Given below are some of the most common educational qualifications required for jobs in the specific areas within the IT industry:

Systems Analyst: BE/ B.Tech, Electronics, Communication, Computer Science
Data Warehousing: BE Computer Science/ MCA
E Com Engineer: BE / B.Tech/ MCA
Network Designer: BE Computer Science, BE Electrical & Communication