The last 20 years of the 20th century was most significant period for Indian economy. During this period the nation has identified its economic destiny with great clarity. The most precious achievements of this period was the development of Information Technology. Indian Software industry has made significant contributions to the world of IT by gifting some of the leaders of the industry from Indian soil. Infosys and Wipro are already within the top ten leaders of the list, and many others are occupying significantplaces in the list.

The industry has been performing at a staggering rate of growth of about 50 per cent every year and has sustained global competition.
The government of India has been helping the development of domestic IT industry with a view to tap the maximum potential of the sector. It has created a ministry for the purpose, and the other steps include removing license rule, creating industry friendly government departments, offering tax holidays, allowing foreign investment in the sector, and promoting NRIs to set up business in India and by creating special economic zones.

Information Technology In India