Information Technology In India

Swot Analysis

  • Highly skilled human resource
  • Low wage structure
  • Quality of work
  • Initiatives taken by the Government (setting up Hi-Tech Parks and implementation of e-governance projects)
  • Many global players have set-up operations in India like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, etc.
  • Following Quality Standards such as ISO 9000, SEI CMM etc.
  • English-speaking professionals
  • Cost competitiveness
  • Quality telecommunications infrastructure
  • Indian time zone (24 x 7 services to the global customers). Time difference between India and America is approximately 12 hours, which is beneficial for outsourcing of work.



•  Absence of practical knowledge

•  Dearth of suitable candidates

•  Less Research and Development

•  Contribution of IT sector to India 's GDP is still rather small.

•  Employee salaries in IT sector are increasing tremendously. Low wages benefit will soon come to an end.


  • High quality IT education market
  • Increasing number of working age people
  • India 's well developed soft infrastructure
  • Upcoming International Players in the market


  • Lack of data security systems
  • Countries like China and Philippines with qualified workforce making efforts to overcome the English language barrier
  • IT development concentrated in a few cities only