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Grail Research

Grail Research is a member of Monitor Group, which is a conglomerate of more than 20 companies. It was founded by Prof. Michael Porter in 1983. Grail helps market intelligence
companies make their investment decisions. It offers primary and secondary research.

Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Offices: New York, Beijing and Noida (Research Center)

CEO and Founder: Colin Gounden
India Head: Amit Kumar
Managing Director, Custom Research: Annica Blake
Recruitment Trends: Grail offers generalist and specialist career paths to talented individuals. It is looking for professionals who possess strong academic and analytical skills along with motivation, excellent communication and team spirit.

Contact Address:
Grail Research
Logix Techno Park Plot No. 5
Ground Floor, Sector - 127 Tower D
Noida - 201301, India
Ph: +91 120-404-8200
Fax: +91 120-425-7067

Grail Research Website: