Mukta Arts Ltd

Mukta Arts Ltd., a Media And Entertainment company is engaged in
  • film making,
  • production and distribution of films
  • generation and distribution of content for the entertainment industry

    Mukta Arts has a long history of making and producing many successful Hindi films. the company also controls over 50 multiplex and single screens in the North of India including the big chains like PVR and Fun Republic.

    Apart from distribution and exhibition, Mukta Arts also provides extensive state-of-the-art production facilities to other production houses and independent producers.
  • One of India's leading production houses,Mukta Arts is also coming up with India's leading private film School. The Whistling Woods Institute for Film, Television and Media Arts (WWI) in Film City with the aim to prepare talent for the entertainment industry in all aspects of film making and television production.

    Mukta Arts Ltd. Also has a division - Mukta Movies Distribution, which is one of the only two
    nation-wide distribution chains in India. The company has nine branch offices across India. It also has links with exhibitors at the local level covering from the large multiplexes to small one-screen theatres.

    Chairman and Managing Director - Subhash Ghai
    Executive Director - Parvez Farooqui
    Director - Anil Harish
    Director - Meghna Ghai Puri
    Director - Vijay Choraria
    Director - Pradeep Guha


    PARTICULARS Year Ended 31.03.2006 (lakhs Rs) Year Ended 2005 (lakhs Rs)
    Total Income 4360.08 5116.29
    Net Profit/ (Loss) (564.56) (1696.66)

    Head Office
    6, Bashiron, 28th Road,
    Bandra (West),
    Mumbai 400050. India
    Tel.: +91-22-26421332
    Fax: +91-22-26405727