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Steel Authority Of India

Established in 1973, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is a flagship steel making company in India & one of the top 10 public sector companies in terms of turnover. SAIL is the largest
producer of iron ore in India. The steel products manufactured by SAIL include:
  • Hot and cold rolled sheets and coils
  • Galvanized sheets
  • Electrical sheets
  • Railway products
  • Plates, bars and rods
  • Stainless steel and other alloy steels

SAIL has created its own Central Marketing Organisation (CMO) and the International Trade Division to take care of its international and marketing operations. The Government of India owns 86% of SAIL's equity.
SAIL has also entered into many joint ventures in various areas like e-commerce, power plants, etc.

SAIL has a research and development center for iron and steel and its own in-house Centre for Engineering and Technology (CET), Management Training Institute (MTI) and Safety Organisation at Ranchi.

Production Facilities of SAIL:

  • 5 Integrated Steel Plants
  • 3 Special Steel Plants
  • 1 Subsidiary - Ferro Alloy Plant (under merger)

    Marketing Network of SAIL:
  • 34 Branch Sales Offices
  • 14 Customer Contact Offices (CCOs)
  • 42 Warehouses

    SAIL had 138211 employees at the end of the FY-06. SAIL lays emphasis on the training of its employees, and they are considered its greatest asset. Regular tailor-made training programs for
    the different categories of employees are conducted in India and abroad. It has well-equipped training institutes in plants and MTI at Ranchi.

    SAIL provides various benefits to its employees like cultural and sports activities, etc.

  • Gross Sales of Rs.32280 crore and PAT of Rs.4013 crore
  • EBDIT/SALES - 22.9%
  • PAT / Net worth - 32.4%
  • Reduction in borrowings by Rs.1472 crore
  • Debt / Equity Ratio - 0.35:1
  • Declared Dividend @ 20% of paid up equity capital (12.5% interim)
  • Highest ever-sales volume at 11.3 million tonnes. Growth of 2.6%

    Ispat Bhawan,
    Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110003
    Phone: 011-24367481-86
    Fax: 011-24367015