Indian Pharma Industry

SWOT Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry

Strengths of Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Cost effective technology
  • Strong and well-developed manufacturing base
  • Clinical research and trials
  • Knowledge based, low- cost manpower in science & technology
  • Proficiency in path-breaking research
  • High-quality formulations and drugs
  • High standards of purity
  • Non-infringing processes of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Future growth driver
  • World-class process development labs
  • Excellent clinical trial centers
  • Chemical and process development competencies

Weaknesses of Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Low Indian share in world pharmaceutical market (about 2%)
  • Lack of strategic planning
  • Fragmented capacities
  • Low R&D investments
  • Absence of association between institutes and industry
  • Low healthcare expenditure
  • Production of duplicate drugs

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Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Incredible export potential
  • Increasing health consciousness
  • New innovative therapeutic products
  • Globalization
  • Drug delivery system management
  • Increased incomes
  • Production of generic drugs
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Clinical trials & research
  • Drug molecules

Threats in Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Small number of discoveries
  • Competition from MNCs
  • Transformation of process patent to product patent (TRIPS)
  • Outdated Sales and marketing methods
  • Non-tariff barriers imposed by developed countries

Last Updated on : 12/12/2013