Online and Internet Jobs

The functionality of the Internet today is not restricted to providing information or shopping. It has opened up a whole new universe of job opportunities. The problem, however, is to identify genuine employers who pay decently for your hard work. To find online jobs, you can register in websites such as, ?and These are meeting places for employment providers and job seekers. You can find various types of jobs in these portals. Read on below for some of the best online and Internet jobs.

Content writing
If you have strong English writing skills, the patience to look for reliable reference materials on the web, content writing is a good option for you. Content writing includes writing blogs, articles, press releases, product descriptions, product reviews and any other type of content required for informative or promotional purposes. Translation and proofreading are also a part of content writing jobs. There is a dire need of good content writers today. So, if you are good, you’ll find more than enough takers.

Data Entry
Data entry is a blanket term used to indicate different types of activities. For example, you might have to convert documents in PDF format to MS Word format. You might have to fill out details into forms. Almost all data entry jobs have negative marking. This means that you lose a few paisa or rupees for every mistake you make. Also, in many data entry projects, you are required to maintain an accuracy of 99 percent, failing which, you could forego your payment. For this job, you need to have good typing speed.

Many data entry job providers request a down payment before allotting the project to you. Avoid such jobs unless you can establish their authenticity. Opt for the ones that do not require a down payment.

You could become a professional blogger and make money from your blog. Google, for instance, offers Google Adsense. Once you register your content rich blog in Adsese, Google posts ads on your blog and pays you for it. By ensuring that your blog is visited by more number of people, you can make good money through blogging. As your blog grows in reputation, it earns direct ads from other sources as well.
Internet marketing and SEO
With more and more businesses using the Internet as one of the main sources of marketing, there are numerous opportunities available in the Internet marketing and SEO sector. You’ll need to take a course to learn about them. Once you are proficient in harnessing the potential of various internet marketing and SEO channels, you can freelance to different employers and make a neat sum.

Online surveys
Online surveys are not very lucrative in monetary terms. However, the good thing is that these jobs do not require you to have any kind of skill or knowledge. Anybody can answer questions posed in the survey and earn money for each survey.

Online tutoring
There are several online tutoring websites that are on the lookout for skilled teachers and tutors. So, if you have certain specific skills, you could become a tutor. From courses in communication skills and personality development to academic tuitions and computer programming, online tutors are in demand in various fields of study.
With a computer connected to the Internet, you can ensure a steady flow of money by taking up such online jobs.


Last Updated: 20/12/13