What is Job Fair for IT, BPO and Other Jobs

Job fairs are the best means for job seekers to interact with a number of recruiters at a single spot. Modern corporate sector looks forward to employ innovative and dynamic candidates and job fairs help them to acquire such talent in a convenient manner.

Organizer Companies of Job Fairs

In job fairs companies and job seekers get to communicate directly and there is no requirement of intermediates like consultants or references. Job fairs are jumbo events organized for recruitment on various posts in numerable companies. When a job fair is announced then the name of companies participating in it are listed too. Sometimes a single company or a corporate house organizes a job fair for recruitment of employees in myriad divisions of its subsidiaries. Companies usually organize job fairs one by one in different cities of the country rather than simultaneously. A job fair lasts for two to four days in a city.

How to Register for Job Fair

It is better to register yourself online or through a telephonic call a day before going to the place where it is being held as it saves a lot of time that is required in filling a number of papers on the spot. Take several photocopies of your resume and testimonials with you on a job fair. You should dress up formally, as the first impression is the last impression even though you are simply interviewed to begin
with because it all depends on how presentable you appear at the first sight of the interviewer. In most of the job fairs all the rounds are taken up on the very same day and even offer letters are given then and there. While in others selected candidates are called upon in the companies' offices for the last round of interviews.

Job fairs or career fairs give you a hold of how a recruitment process follows up. They are really helpful for youngsters, specially who arrive in job fairs for their first interview as they get to interact with a lot more people quite similar to them, share their views and experiences and express themselves. They simply get to know more about how to prepare and make themselves more presentable for an interview.

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Last Updated: 18/03/2015