Accounting as a profession holds its roots back to the early days of human civilization. It’s one of the oldest professions that have ever existed. With the recent phenomena of globalization taking hold of the world economies, accounting jobs India has made their presence felt in

the corporate sector. It has again made its way up to the top jobs category. Accounting jobs in India are among the most sought after jobs. Every small, medium and large corporate house is on the hunt for efficient accountants. If you have it in you, fat pay-packets are there for the grab.

What it takes

If you are interested in making it big in the accounting profession, you may try various options. Colleges offer bachelors degree in commerce with specialization in either
accountancy or finance. A B.Com Honors degree is all what it takes for a well paid job. There would be at least one institute in every small town who provide specialized trainings and crash courses to prepare you with some practical demos for accounting job.

Job Description

Once you pass out with flying colors, getting a job of your liking isn’t a big deal. A company accountant is trusted with duties like:

Setting up an accounting system
Preparing the annual audit
Filing the annual tax return of the company
Help in company secretarial work
Provide interim help with preparing accounts or book-keeping
Running the company’s payroll
Advise in corporate finance

The accounting discipline offers the following accounts jobs:

Accounts Executive
Financial Accountant
Cost Accountant
Chartered Accountant
Accounts Manager
Taxation Manager

If you thought that the scopes with this profession lie only with corporate houses, you aren’t probably aware of the bigger picture. Accounting has its applications in the following sectors, which also offer number of opportunities to qualified accountants, such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Government organizations, NGOs, Small, medium and large scale commercial units

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