Naukri hub offers information on Advertising jobs in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is considered as the major centre of advertising industry, therefore making it a marketplace of advertising jobs in India. Scores of new job jobs have been generated in advertising and communications sector in Gujarat. There are advertising companies whose head office is based at Ahmedabad, and major Indian and global advertising companies are operating from Ahmedabad, making Ahmedabad a hub of advertising jobs in India. Advertising job opportunities in Ahmedabad include jobs of account planner, advertising executive, copywriter, visualizer, creative art director, animator, multimedia expert, photographer, printer, TV producer, media planner, web developer, web planner and marketing professional. Persons with creativity and innovative talents are given preference over candidates with mere academic degrees. However, MBAs get great opportunities in Ahmedabad’s advertising job market in profiles varying from marketing, account manager, client relations, etc. The copywriter, the visualizer, the art director, and the studio technician have to work in tandem as the ultimate objective of a good advertisement is to build a strong bond between the product and the consumer. In Gujarat’s advertising field there are job opportunities including jobs of copywriters, graphic design jobs, media jobs, marketing jobs, media jobs,communication jobs for those who are specialized in the respective fields.


Mudra Communications is one of the largest advertising agencies of India. Some of the memorable catchlines like ‘Only Vimal’, ‘I love you Rasna’, ‘The Mint with a Hole’, ‘My Daddy Strongest’, ‘Kar lo duniya mutthi mein’ have been Mudra’s babies. Presently it is handling about 125 clients. As a potential employer, Mudra Communications believe in creative freedom of the employee. At the same time, Mudra Communications is about creative individuals who gel as team.

Mudra Communications offers Optimum Media Solutions for the clients, which include managing the whole of advertising campaign for the clients. It includes conceptualization and planning. This division offers planner jobs, copywriter jobs, visualizer job opportunities.

The films division of Mudra Communications, Tantra Films, specialize in the production of films in advertisements as well as corporate presentations. Opportunities in this field include creative art director jobs, animator jobs, multimedia expert jobs, web developer, etc.

Mudra Videotec, the television arm of Mudra Communications that specializes in the production of television programmes generates opportunities such as photographer jobs, TV producers, creative director, etc.
Mudra Marketing Services that specialize in offering specialized marketing services and building a brand image for the product generate opportunities for marketing professionals.


MICA or Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad, aims at developing marketing communication management skills in its students. The premise of marketing rests on the effectiveness of the communication skills. Marketing is about convincing the other person about the value of your product and MICA believes in imparting integrated marketing communication management skills.

MICA has openings for Research academics and Academic Assistants for people with at least a post graduate degree in Social Sciences. MICA offers excellent opportunities for the academically inclined, who would like to enhance their pedagogical skills.