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We dedicate this page to bank jobs in Cochin. Many Indian banks and financial institutions have entered the finance market of Cochin and have set up branches for banking, financial services, asset management and stock broking and mortgage/home loans. This growth in Kerala bank business sector resulted in tremendous growth in related bank jobs. These banking, mortgage, insurance and finance companies of Cochin offer jobs in banking product sales, marketing, insurance career, credit card sales jobs, finance marketing jobs and housing loan sales jobs.

In Kochi you can find employment in a variety of profiles in mortgage industry including as an mortgage consultant, home loan consultant, home loan employee, loan manager, mortgage
Latest Banking Jobs in Cochin

loan underwriter, loan processors, mortgage appraiser, loan accounting, loan marketing, loan sales, mortgage loan administrator, home loan underwriter, home loan sales agent, home loan sales agent, asset manager, Customer service executive or an asset verification officer. Kochi has ample employment & career options in foreign exchange business, financial administration jobs, credit control & management jobs, credit marketing jobs, banking jobs, depository jobs, Stock Broking, Transfer Agent jobs, Online Trading, Online financial service jobs, taxation jobs, accounting jobs etc.

When Reserve Bank of India decided top liberalize its policy on the opening of the private Banks in India, Hindustan Development Finance Corporation was among the earliest to be awarded the permission to open private Bank.. HDFC or Hindustan Development Finance Corporation had the right credentials as India's premier housing finance company. Since its inception in 1977, the Corporation has maintained a consistent and healthy growth in its operations to remain the market leader in mortgages. With an outstanding loan portfolio covering well over a million dwelling units, HDFC was ideally positioned to promote a bank in the Indian environment. Business Today described HDFC Bank as the Best Bank of 2006.
Careers with HDFC Bank
HDFC is India's leading private sector bank. It was rated very high for service standard by leading national and international magazines such as Business India, Business Today, Euromoney, Finance Asia and Forbes Global. It offers great opportunities in Branch Banking, Retail Assets, Product Development, Operations, Marketing, Treasury, Equities, Corporate Banking, Cash Management Services, Custody and Depositories etc.

One of the earliest banks in South India, "South Indian Bank" was founded during the Swadeshi movement. A group of young and enterprising men joined hands to form the establishment of the bank at Thrissur in the erstwhile state of Cochin.
The idea was to provide a service oriented repository of savings of the populace of Cochin. The idea was to break the shackles of the money lending community and intermediaries and give a fillip to the enterprising spirit of the people. In 1946 it became the first Bank to become Scheduled Bank. For the year ending March 2007, the Bank has net profits of more than Rs.100 crores and a CAR of more than 11%.
Careers with South Indian Bank
South Indian Bank is the right place for the young, ambitious and talented to flourish and realize their potential. It believes in providing its employees that ultimate in nirvana, i.e. job satisfaction. It comes out with jobs at regular intervals for professionals qualified in Core banking operations as well as Retail and Marketing sections. South Indian Bank offers good prospects at the Secretarial level also.

Driven with the spirit of Social Banking, Kulangara Paulo Hormis directed his energies towards the opening of a Bank christened as The Federal Bank Limited. By 2005, the Bank has mastered the art of the using of technology for the fulfillment of its goal, social Banking. In 2005, the efforts of Federal Bank bore fruit when it was awarded the 'Award for Best Use of Information Technology' in Retail Banking by IBA and Infosys. The Net Profits have also increased by more than 17% from last year.
Careers with The Federal Bank Limited
Federal bank believes in instilling among its employees the feeling of 'We'. This points towards the importance of teamwork in the organization. If you want to join the Bank then apart from your professional qualifications (pertaining to the field of Banking, Merchandising, Marketing, Retailing etc.), you must have the ability to work as part of the team.

A product of the Swadeshi Movement, Catholic Syrian Bank had its inaugural branch opened at Thrissur with a paid up capital of just over Rs 45000. After surviving the crash fall of many Banks in Kerela, Catholic Syrian Bank managed to survive, and serve its original constituency, the small and the weaker sections of the society. Even today, The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd has more than 75% of its clientele coming from small and economically weaker strata of Society. The Bank has a strong rural base with around 80% of the branches in rural and semi- urban areas.
Careers with Catholic Syrian Bank
Career opportunities with Catholic Syrian Bank are in the nature of Banking field and service oriented. Since the Bank has a large number of branches in rural areas, the candidate must be prepared to serve in the rural areas.