Bangalore Microbiology jobs section provides information on various career opportunities available for Microbiology specialists in Bangalore. A major centre in India for microbiology and biotechnology,Bangalore has many research laboratories, which conduct research in to the field of microbiology. This section of Naukri hub has job openings of various microbiology related fields, that including microbiology specialists to handle microbiology products and sales and marketing of these products, food lab specialists, medical lab technicians, Analytics and reagents research specialists, Pharma formulations managers, biomedical scientists, etc.


Indfrag Limited is one of the chief producers of natural products for a number of industries such as, food, cosmetic industries, sport nutrition, pharmaceutical and dietary supplements in the European, Asian and North American countries. Indfrag provides premium quality organic food supplies and makes use of the ISO 9001 certified water and various solvent extraction amenities to deliver superior products at affordable rates. With its headquarter in India, Indfrag carries out its operations in U.S.A, France, Japan, India, Indonesia and Singapore. Other than producing Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia, Indfrag manufactures products like Green Coffee, Cocoa, Fenugreek, turmeric, cinnamon, bacopa, guggul, pomegranate and Lemon Balm.

Job Openings with Indfrag in Bangalore

For obtaining details on the various career options at Indfrag, surf through the link The healthy work atmosphere at will assist you to attain your goals in your work area. If you are motivated enough and ready to accept any challenge in your work field get hold of the bright career options at Indfrag. To apply, e-mail at .


Metahelix, established at Bangalore in the month of December in 2000, is an Ag-biotech company, which improves technologies for bettering crop quality and is adept in the fields of plant genomics and informatics. These are matched by the huge experience in the genetic alteration of cotton, corn, rice and various species of vegetables, its vision being to lead in the areas of informatics and genomics, applying technology to fulfill the requirements of a wider portion of the worldwide society and making a discovery engine to concentrate on the necessities of the growing countries. Metahelix operates in partnership with various Ag-biotech and seed companies and provides services in the fields of genetic transformation of plants, market-based improvement of crops, functional genomics and trial developments. Metahelix chiefly aims at value creation with the deliverance of new biotech products and fill the technology gap found in the developing countries in the world by new researches for the improvement of lifestyles.
Job Openings with Metahelix in Bangalore

If you want your creativity, capability and growth to be motivated at Metahelix, glance through the web site. At Metahelix, the career options will teach you how to grow with a company for which you are working with full devotion and honesty. At present, positions for a number of high-profile jobs are vacant at Metahelix. To apply, e-mail at


Millipore is one of the primary powers which offers services and products for improving quality and quantity of production in the laboratories involving research, clinical, analytical and biopharmaceutical production. The segment under bioscience at Millipore includes a wide variety of products for purifying and analyzing samples. Other than this, delivering ultra-pure water and driving laboratory productivity are some of the functions that are carried on under this segment, the research areas being of cell biology, water purification, DNA research, Protein Research and other services being analytical sample preparation, sterile filtration, drug discovery and bioassays. The segment under bioprocess deals with products, systemizing and developing work power, optimizing and monitoring bio-manufacturing processes. Careers with Millipore in Bangalore
If you want to grow with Millipore, where you will get the opportunity to work with the topmost pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, glance through the link The work ambience at Millipore will help you to bring forth the finest qualities in you and this career option will present you a better tomorrow. So, grab this chance at once, to work with the most famous technicians, scientists, research institutes and companies.


Located in Bangalore, Phalada Agro Research is fully dedicated to organic agriculture, which synonymous to a way of life, a mission, a passion and a commitment consisting of the three divisions of inputs, OCM and MADP. Phalada Agro Research manufactures about 27 products which offer a comprehensive range of solutions. The Inputs division comprises working for Nutrition Management Aids, Pest Management Aids, various other products, certification and the OCM division includes Phaladaayi, produce and certification. The MADP division is also involved with Phaladaayi Foundation, other than manufacturing products and issuing certificates.

Jobs with Phalada Agro Research Bangalore

If you are really an ambitious person who wants to grow with one of the flourishing biotechnology companies in India and dismiss the legend that organic products are less active and less useful than other products then browse through the link for more details. The work environment at Phalada Agro Research will help to you to improve your capabilities and prove your talent. So, if you are a talented person who loves to create new things and change the way life is today for all, try your luck at Phalada Agro Research.

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