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Biotech or Biotechnology is an integration of several sciences. This discipline necessarily deals with producing substances and compounds that are essential for the well being of human
and other living organisms. This interdisciplinary science encompasses not only biology, but also other subjects like chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering. Biotech jobs in India offers online jobs information about Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Medicine and Genetics jobs in India. Biotechnology is basically a research-oriented field. Dolly, the cloned lamb has been created following biotech’s success in research works.

Functional Areas of Biotech career/jobs in India are available in the following fields:

Entry & Eligibility
Admission into biotechnology courses is generally at the postgraduate level. Some of the undergraduate courses have been designed to help students who wish to make an early entry into the field of biotechnology. Science students having a background with chemistry, physics, biology and agriculture as subject-combinations can perform well in this field. A science background in the plus-two level is mandatory for admission in the B.Sc. and B.Tech. Degree courses in biotechnology. The Indian Institutes of Technology also offer five-year integrated M.Tech. programs in Microbiology.

Job Prospects
Job opportunities for postgraduates in biotechnology are increasing in India. Students can explore job options in the following fields:
    Drug and pharmaceutical research
    Public funded laboratories
    Environment control
    Waste management
    Food processing &
    Bio-processing industries.
The Government of India provides large-scale employment to most biotechnologists in its research laboratories.

Job Profile
Main areas of work for a biotechnologist include production of bio-processed materials, Marketing of biotechnology products and processes in various areas, Research, Bio-informatics - Applying information technology to the management of biological information.

Private sector pharmaceutical companies generally offer Rs.12000- 20000 per month to an entry-level postgraduate. Those employed as researchers in government sector can have a starting salary of Rs.9000 per month along with government perks/allowances.

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Bioinformatics Centre Career
Bioinformatics, the latest word is the field of science in which biology, computer science and information Technology merge into a single discipline. In USA, Europe and now in India also if you ask anyone about job prospects in the world of Bioinformatics, young professionals will give the same answer. The field is hot !

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