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With many jewels in its crown, Bangalore is the city in modern India that has been most talked globally. Bangalore is the first and foremost city of India that has opened its space for growth of Biotechnology as
an industry with all its specialty applications. Known as the infotech capital of India, now Bangalore has the status to be called as the biotech capital of the country. One of the major metros in India with many advantages including geographical and climatic, Bangalore provides soil for growth of Biotechnology as an industry. Bangalore biotech industry is primarily focused in healthcare and medical applications and biopharmaceuticals, but it has dedicated focus on agricultural crop production research etc. Bangalore biotech industry offers job opportunities for those aspiring candidates with relevant qualifications.
It offers jobs in laboratories and process technologies, microbiology, sales and marketing jobs, textile processing, acids, aqua culture business activities, plant genetics and gene culture, disinfectants, etc. Naukri hub offers comprehensive information on biotechnology career development jobs in Bangalore.

The name of Bangalore Genei is renowned in the vast Biotechnology industry of India, specializing in providing a wide range of products; services and solutions related completely to biotech research and have also the reputation of providing knowledge and solutions in all areas of molecular biology. Amongst the myriad services rendered by the company, a few include supplying of tools for genomic research and proteomic, providing for immunochemicals, educational products and reagents for DNA and more. The company has made a great impact in the biotechnology industry in Bangalore and provided great job opportunities to the locals as well as others from all over India.
Job Openings with Bangalore Genei in Bangalore
Bangalore Genei provides ample opportunities to candidates with skill, experience and educational qualification in biotechnology and molecular biology. Candidates must also have the zest to excel and face challenges and if you think you have it in you to be a part of Bangalore Genei, simply browse through the above link.

Established in the year 2000, Bigtech Private Limited is a premier management consulting and process management providing company. Amongst the numerous clients it caters to, the sectors of Pharmaceutical and biotechnology forms a major part. bigtech Private Limited employs and utilizes the latest technologies to provide solutions and manage projects for clients from pharma sector. The services provided primarily include SAP services, implementation, project management, SAP remote support and more. The company in Delhi has provided high quality and end to end solutions to all project based areas of the Pharmaceutical companies in Delhi.
Job Openings with bigtec Private Limited
You will get all information on career opportunities with bigtec Private Limited on the link . The company not only provides excellent working conditions, but provides equal opportunities to every employee to grow in their individual career paths through fabulous contribution, training and zeal to acquire more knowledge. bigtec Private Limited in at present searching for candidates with experience in SAP services and projects and also those with high knowledge and skills in logistics and finance for the posts of SAP BW, basis, SAP net weaver and Sap portal. If you are interested send your queries and resume to and for more information on the company, browse through

Biocon is one of the leading companies of the Biotechnology industry of India and has clients spread across international boundaries. Biocon primarily specializes in the fields of biopharmaceuticals and hence provides numerous highest quality services including discovering, making and developing of drugs, of all kinds of dosage forms, industrial enzymes, food additives and food aids, bio processing and global marketing, custom research of drug discovery and clinical research in order to discover something new in the sector of bio technologies. It is a pioneer company in its own rights as was the first one to receive ISO 9001 certification world wide in the domain of production of enzymes.
Job Openings with Biocon in Bangalore
If you wish to know all about the career opportunities with Biocon, click on the above link. Working with an illustrious company as Biocon is a matter of high prestige and esteem. They repeatedly broaden and strengthen their human resources and its reach so as to provide the employees opportunities to grow and achieve their career aims. They are also in the look out for the most talented and extremely high-qualified chemists, pharmacologists, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, marketing analyst, and administrators. If you are a person of any of these profile and aim to join the excellent work environment, simply click on the link or mail your resume to . In order to know more about the company, browse through

One of the most well known names in the Biotechnology industry, Greenearth Biotechnologies Limited specializes in Tissue culture for the production and growth of vegetation and is home to one of the largest Tissue Culture laboratories in India. With all the modern equipments and technologies and strategies, at cost effective price it provides services such as preparation of starter cultures, activities to free plants from virus and fungal diseases, improvisations in production protocols and others. It at the same time it can engage in the clonally micropropagating of special plants handed over to the company by clients. Greenearth Biotechnologies Limited has a global approach as its clients primary comprises of those based in European, America and South East Asian countries.
Careers with Greenearth Biotechnologies
Greenearth Biotechnologies Limited gives ample opportunities to excel in individual careers and if the employee has the quest for excellence, then nothing can stop him from reaching the top in this company. The very name is prestigious, and with a job under it exposes the employees to the international world, and in turn help to acquire greater knowledge in this field of biotechnology. In order to join this company, the candidate must have excellent academic and professional background, and a high competence and skill in the fields of tissue culture and biotechnology.

Astra Zeneca India is one of the household names among the pharmaceutical companies of India and it has its business focused on the developing of the new effective medicines that would make a difference in the field of health care. The company has its headquarters in U.K and it makes its products available to about 100 countries. By offering a wide range of products that would be made use of by the areas associated with health care such as cardiovascular, respiratory, cancer, neurosciences and infections it believes to win the confidence of its clients. The products that are proffered by this company are available at a reasonable price.
Careers with Astra Zeneca India in Bangalore
If you feel that you have a creative bent of mind and would be able to help in the growth of the company by offering innovative ideas and do not hesitate to undertake challenges then you can apply for a job at this company. This company offers great scope for personal growth and does not ignore the difference made by an employee. If you are interested to know about the job requirements of this company, then browse through the website of the company, which is

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