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As a result of globalization efforts and its economic outcome to the nation, Delhi is the most benefited city of India. As information technology and IT enabled business-outsourcing services were the first
among such strides, biotechnology and scientific research oriented research took place as the next generation boom. The capital city of India with many advantages such as infrastructure development and political considerations, Delhi provides soil for growth of Biotechnology as an industry. Delhi biotech industry is primarily focused in healthcare and medical applications and biopharmaceuticals, but it has dedicated focus on agricultural crop production research etc. Delhi biotech industry offers job opportunities for those aspiring candidates with relevant qualifications.
It offers jobs in laboratories and process technologies, microbiology, sales and marketing jobs, textile processing, acids, aqua culture business activities, plant genetics and gene culture, disinfectants, etc. Naukri hub offers comprehensive information on biotechnology career development jobs in Delhi.

Avestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt, Ltd is one of the famed biotechnology as well as Bioinformatics Company and its prime area of concern is the convergence between the pharmaceuticals, food and clinical genomics and also preventive personalized medicine. Regarding the services it would be apt to say that it proffers new and ground breaking solutions required to meet up to the global challenges in areas such as infectious diseases, degenerative conditions and infectious diseases in the field of agriculture as well as health care. The solutions offered by this company are cost effective and deserves your appreciation.
Careers with Avestha Gengraine Technologies
The work ambience of this company is truly perfect and offers ample opportunities for individual growth and people who would make the best possible efforts to meet the requirements of this company are given their due recognition. To learn about the job jobs as well as the qualifications that are required to be an employee of this company, go to the website. You can also make use of the e-mail id for the above-mentioned purpose, which is

BI BIOTECH INDIA Pvt Ltd has been associated with the business related to the distribution of the biological research reagents for 20 years and its clients are the leading companies of Europe and the United States that are frontrunners as far as the production of the state of the art products are concerned. Regarding the services that is the biological research reagents it could be said that it caters to the needs of the clients and the client’s satisfaction is of utmost concern of this company and the services offered by this company also offers no scope for complains. These services are available at an affordable rate.
Careers with Bi Biotech India, Delhi
This company requires candidates, who have a sound knowledge about the working of the biotechnology companies and are backed up a good academic record and also are wiling to give their best to this company. Learn about the job jobs by visiting the company’s website,

Biocon is a reputed biotechnology enterprise that has its focus fixed on the improvement and the betterment of the biopharmaceuticals and it has attained success to a certain extent as far as development as well as discovery of new drugs, bioprocessing and global marketing is concerned. This company offers biotechnology solutions to its worldwide customers as well as partners. It uses the latest technologies as well as the latest tools and it takes care of the fact that it offers high quality services and it leaves no stones unturned as far as the market research is concerned and this company always strives to achieve high international standards. The services that are proffered by this company are cost effective.
Job Openings with Biocon in Delhi
The striking feature of Biocon is that it gives importance to a knowledge driven work environment and it proffers equal opportunities to all its employees and encourages tanning programmes for a better performance and it does not hesitate to applaud the good work of its employees. The biologists, pharmacologists, computer scientists, chemists, general administrators as well as marketing analysts can apply for jobs at this company. To know about the job jobs visit the website of the company, Email your queries at contact

Euphoric Pharmaceuticals (p) Limited is one of the leading pharmaceutical industry in India and it has its corporate office in New Delhi and this industry features the latest equipments necessary for manufacturing purposes for all the dosage forms in accordance with the WHO GM and it has a strong network service. This company primarily produces various drugs, such as the anxiolytics, anthelminitichs, antidiarrhoeals, NSAIDS, antitubercular drugs, antibiotics and nutritional supplements and its everlasting services to the medical world has helped it to attain success. The cost of the drugs that are produced by this company would definitely suit your budget.
Job Openings with Euphoric Pharmaceuticals Delhi
This company with open arms welcomes eligible candidates, who would suit the needs and demand of the company and would comprise on the quality and would work towards the betterment and the improvement of this company. Check the company’s website to acquire more knowledge about the company.

Hi Tech Bio- Services Inc is a well – known group that proffers services to its customers/clients with the help of its expert team of engineers, who know their job well. This company believes to win the confidence of its clients by offering services related to analytical, scientific and services associated with the diagnostics instruments that are linked to the field of bio – research as well as bio technology and it also proffers annual contract maintenance services. This company offers services within a short span of time and does not at any cost compromise on the quality of its service. The work ambience of this company deserves special mention.
Careers with Hi Tech Bio- Services Delhi
This company welcomes candidates, who possess a pleasing personality, have a good academic record and are aware about the job nuances of the bio – technology companies. To know more about this company or to learn about the job jobs go through the website of the company,

Indian GMO Research Information System (IGMORIS) is primarily a web-based database on the activities that includes the use of the GMO’s as well as the products in India. The basic service that is offered by this website is that it makes available to the people information that is realistic as well as objective that are related to the GMO’s and the products, so that these products are put to commercial use by the stakeholders including the regulators, the scientists, the industry as well as the common mass and this company has aroused the expectation that it would encourage promotion of national and international collaborations in the field of biotech research. It could be said without the slightest hesitation that the high quality as well as the cost effective services of the IGMORIS is responsible for its recognition.
Job Openings with Indian GMO Research Information System
It offers excellent working opportunities to the residents of Delhi and for job openings browse through the website of this company.

Nuziveedu Seeds Limited is the most reputed seed and Agro – biotech company that features about 38 percent of the market share in the propriety hybrid cottonseed market and its strength lies in the research, quality, production, marketing capabilities as well as quality assurance. The services that are offered by this company are of international standard and it has won the confidence of its clients or customers by providing them with high quality products. The products of this company are available at a reasonable price.
Job Openings with the Nuziveedu Seeds in Delhi
This company appoints candidates who are backed up by a good academic record, have a sound knowledge on this field and are willing undertake challenges and also are willing to give their best to this company. To contact this company make use of the e-mail id,

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