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With the advancement of information technology industry the city of Hyderabad gained prominence as a city of major economic activity. This has continued through various phases of growth of IT enabled services
and latest with the growth of biotechnology developments. Among major Indian cities Hyderabad has a comparatively higher number of Biotechnology companies. One of the major industry centers in India where many enterprising business houses anchored, Biotechnology has also found its ground in Hyderabad. Andhra Pradesh biotech industry is primarily focused in biotechnological business with specialization in the fields of manufacturing and marketing and research of pharma chemicals, herbal neutraceuticals, pharmaceutical ingredients and veterinary products.
Hyderabad biotech industry offers job opportunities for those aspiring candidates with relevant qualifications. It offers jobs in laboratories and process technologies, microbiology, sales and marketing jobs, textile processing, acids, aqua culture business activities, plant genetics and gene culture, disinfectants, etc. Naukri hub offers comprehensive information on biotechnology career development jobs in Hyderabad.

Ocimum Biosolutions
Ocimum Biosolutions, located at Hyderabad, is a life sciences research and development enabling organization of international repute which focuses on three primary areas which includes BioResearch, BioIT, and BioMolecules. This company is well known for delivering end to end genomic products. Apart from Hyderabad, this reputed company has establishments in Indianapolis and also in The Netherlands. The division of BioResearch section of this company is responsible for providing molecular biology services such as GMO testing, nucleic acid purification and DNA extractions and also gene synthesis.
Jobs at Ocimum Biosolutions, Hyderabad
This reputed organization has various openings for the different core sectors which it looks in to. Eligible candidates can submit their resume to

Krebs Biochemicals & Industries Ltd. is one of the most renowned biotechnologies company in India. The Unit-I manufacturing site of Krebs Biochemicals & Industries Ltd. is located at Regadichelika Village, Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh. An entirely equipped Quality Control Laboratory is there to support the production facilities. An excellent team of professionals present there ensures the customers high quality and cost effective service.
Careers with Krebs Biochemicals & Industries Hyderabad
Krebs Biochemicals & Industries Ltd. offers excellent career opportunities and encourages individuals to develop their skills and implement innovative ideas for the future development of the company. Browse through the link to collect more information about career details.

The biotechnology company of great repute located at Hyderabad is called Biotechdesk. The aim of this reputed company to provide quality research tools and chemicals, which also include custom services to the scientists of India at a price competitive enough. At the same time the company also offers biotechnology consultancy services to firms and assures the scientists of unparalleled support and service.
Jobs at Biotechdesk, Hyderabad
This reputed organization offers career opportunities, which are related to the field of biotechnology and its related fields. Eligible candidates can submit their resume to

Shantha Biotechnics Ltd is the pioneer as far as biotechnology is concerned and it is the first company of India that has involved itself with the development as well as the manufacture of healthcare products and it is making the best attempts to offer innovative solutions to problems as well as development efforts for the creation of new therapies, antibodies, vaccines as well as proteins and it also conducts research in the fields of infectious diseases, oncology and platform technologies. The costs of the solutions that are proffered by this company are relatively low.
Careers with Shantha Biotechnics Hyderabad
Candidates who feel that they have it in them, that is the qualities required for a job at this company then he/she in order to know about the job jobs as well as the job requirements or the job qualifications can browse through the website of the company. In order to get in touch with this company for some reason or other, you can take the help of the e-mail id, which is

Microbax (India) Limited is the founder of the biggest Probiotics producing plant in India and an expert in the field of fermentation systems for more than 20 years, particularly for manufacturing enzymes and probiotics. Microbax aims at manufacturing first-rate products by maintaining the highest standards of quality, and also at attaining the goals of product development, uniformity and performance. Other than carrying out development and research activities, especially in the area of probiotics and prebiotics, Microbax also engages in projects for contract manufacture and contract research. The products manufactured by Microbax comprise agricultural microorganisms like biopesticides, biofertilizers and decomposing agents and Vitagro.
Careers with Microbax in Hyderabad
For getting a clear view of the different career options at Microbax, browse through the link If you are truly seeking for a high-profile biotech job and awaiting a successful career ahead of you, donít loose any of the job opportunities offered at Microbax. A number of job jobs for bright career building chances are currently available at Microbax. To apply, or for getting more information, e-mail at or .

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