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Keeping in tune with the ethos of its long and integral tradition, Mumbai has opened its space for growth of Biotechnology as an industry with all its specialty applications. One of the major metros in India
where many other industries and innovations grown, Biotechnology has also found its ground to breed in Mumbai. Mumbai biotech industry is primarily focused in healthcare and medical applications, but it has invested a large amount of resources in to agricultural crop production, bio-fuel research, fermentation process oriented industries, bio degradable waste treatment, etc. Mumbai biotech industry offers job opportunities for those aspiring candidates with relevant qualifications.
It offers jobs in laboratories and process technologies, microbiology, sales and marketing jobs, textile processing, acids, aqua culture business activities, plant genetics and gene culture, disinfectants, etc. Naukri hub offers comprehensive information on biotechnology career development jobs in Mumbai.

Sartorius in a global biotechnological giant and a leading provider of laboratory and process technology products. This Goettingen based company has its Indian branch office in Mumbai. The biotechnology segment of Sartorius concentrates on filtration, cell culture, microbiology, cell culture, fermentation and bioreactors. The company has carved a niche through its manufacture of advanced equipments and technologies meant for weighing and measurement in laboratories and several high ending industrial applications like moisture analysis and electrochemical analysis.
Job Openings at Sartorius in Mumbai
With its headquarter in Germany, Sartorius has sales subsidiaries and commercial centers in various countries around the world. The working environment is employee friendly and proactive where every employee is provided the opportunity to work individually and make mark in the career. There are recruitments for personnel from the pharmaceutical, chemical and marketing domains. For more details click on the link -

Rossari Biotech India Private Limited is an ISO 9001: 2000 registered textile processing industry with its corporate office in Mumbai. The company provides highly concentrated enzymes for quality textile processing. Some unique manufacturing products of Rossari Biotech India Private Limited that have created revolutions in the textile industry are neutral cellulose, acid cellulose, aqueous formulations, new VLF liquids and wetting agents. The company' innovative concepts in the field of textile processing like Enzymatic bio-sourcing, multizyme formulations, Fragma, Snocool and Fabshield has made it a front runner in the textile industry.
Job Openings at Rossari Biotech India Private Limited
Rossari Biotech India Private Limited enables a work driven informal working environment with challenging career opportunities. There are employment opportunities in avenues of textile processing, marketing and sales. The career oriented qualified personnel can connect to

Organica Biotech Private Limited is a pioneering biotechnology company headquartered in Mumbai. It manufactures, develops and markets environment friendly bio technological products in spheres of agriculture, environmental and aqua industries. The company's cutting edge products and path breaking solutions has been highly acclaimed by clients worldwide. The high-end technologies of Organica Biotech Private Limited are constructed through extensive analytical recherches in biochemistry, fermentation, organic chemistry, microbiology and pharmaceutical technology.
Job Openings at Organica Biotech in Mumbai
Organica Biotech Private Limited offers challenging career opportunities in the midst of dynamic and stimulating working environment. The pay packages and the perks are excellent in the industry. There are opportunities to work individually and enrich the career. The employees are judged according to the work performances. The company is in the constant process of recruitment in its various positions. Self-driven professionals with bright academic careers are welcome to apply for various job positions in Organica Biotech.

SIRO Clinpharm Private Limited is a Mumbai based clinical research organization in pharmacy and biotechnological spheres. The company has created a benchmark in its state of the art therapeutic solutions in areas of ophthalmology, oncology, CNS and other formidable infectious diseases. The innovative technology “ Pro Tac” has helped in managing the company's research and clinical projects effectively. SIRO Clinpharm Private Limited boasts of prestigious global clients from European and American countries.
Job Openings at SIRO Clinpharm Mumbai
SIRO Clinpharm Private Limited enables a progressive work environment with bright career opportunities. There are employment opportunities in avenues of clinical data management, clinical project management and clinical safety monitoring. The career minded and qualified personnels can submit their resume at

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