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Just as major industrial houses invented Navi Mumbai as home for their growth and expansion, the city has opened its space for growth of Biotechnology as an industry that has potential to give many prospects
to progressive society. One of the major industry centers in India where many Mumbai based industries expanded and diversified, Biotechnology has also found its ground in Navi Mumbai. Mumbai biotech industry is primarily focused in biopharmaceuticals applications, but it has invested a large amount of resources in to plant biotechnology and medical biotechnology, bio-fuel research, fermentation process oriented industries, vaccines and serum based products, biodegradable waste treatment, etc. Navi Mumbai biotech industry offers job opportunities for those aspiring candidates with relevant qualifications.
It offers jobs in laboratories and process technologies, microbiology, sales and marketing jobs, textile processing, acids, aqua culture business activities, plant genetics and gene culture, disinfectants, etc. Naukri hub offers comprehensive information on biotechnology career development job opportunities in Navi Mumbai.

Reliance Life Sciences is a biotechnology based life science research driven company, which is basically into the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals related products. It provides quality services to various plant tissue culture, biofuels, biochemical’s, molecular diagnostics and genetics, biopolymers, and cell-based therapies related clinical research activities. Reliance Life Sciences mainly deals with plant biotechnology and medical biotechnology based products. The company is focusing on more development in biotechnology through the application of cost effective solutions.
Bio Tech Job Openings Reliance Life Sciences Navi Mumbai
Candidates from chemistry, veterinary, pharmacology, biochemical engineering, chemical engineering, medicine and microbiology backgrounds can apply for various biotech jobs in Reliance Life Sciences. The applicants need to possess a good knowledge of genetics, plant and medical biotechnology related subjects. It is surely a matter of pride to work with Reliance biotechnology group. Interested candidates can send their resumes by emailing at

Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited ventures into the manufacturing of various treatment medicinal products. The company is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of biotechnology, biological and pharmaceutical products. The company's contribution to the biotechnological development is best realized when it introduces highly effective life saving “injectibles”. Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited is focusing on the minimizing the drug values. The company is presently dealing with 25 medicinal brands.
Job Openings with Bharat Serums Navi Mumbai
Candidates from all backgrounds are invited for being a part of the company but the applicants must be dedicated enough to serve the company's purpose. The company favors truly qualified inquisitive minds. The candidates must understand the seriousness of the biotech jobs, as it is practically a matter of dealing with human lives. Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited provides benefits packages to its employees. The company treats employees as valued customers and in return the company demands complete loyalty and positive contributions. In order to get more information on the biotech job opportunities in this company log on to Mail at:

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