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The state of Tamilnadu has grown as one of the most industrialized state of India. Many Biotechnology companies also found Tamilnadu home for their aspirations. A major biotechnology research and development center in India Tamilnadu has given ground for many biotech companies. Biotech industry in Tamilnadu is primarily focused in biotechnological business
with specialization in the fields of manufacturing and marketing and research of pharma chemicals, herbal neutraceuticals, pharmaceutical ingredients and veterinary products. Tamilnadu biotech industry offers job opportunities for those aspiring candidates with relevant qualifications. It offers jobs in laboratories and process technologies, microbiology, sales and marketing jobs, textile processing, acids, aqua culture business activities, plant genetics and gene culture,
disinfectants, etc. Naukri hub offers comprehensive information on biotechnology career development job opportunities in Tamilnadu.

Rasi Seeds is a growing bio technology firm and its is mainly into production and supply of cotton seeds. Rasi Seeds is focusing on Research and Development (R&D) prospects to improve its services quality. The company is now venturing into the research on multi crops in various locations.
Bio Tech Job Openings with Rasi Seeds in Tamilnadu
Candidates from agricultural and biotechnology backgrounds can apply to Rasi Seeds for getting employed in biotech jobs. Applicants with good academic research can opt for research jobs. Interested candidates can send their online resumes by emailing at

Indian Immunologicals Limited has earned fame for its wide range of veterinary biological products, Vero cell rabies vaccine and other vaccines like Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, Diphtheria, Measles and Pertussis.
Careers with Indian Immunologicals
People who are yearning for a challenging career in biotechnology can apply for a wide variety of bio tech jobs in Indian Immunologicals Limited. Interested candidates can logon to the above site to know details.

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