WNS Global Services

WNS was set up in Mumbai by British Airways in 1996. It is a leading BPO. It was ranked No.1 BPO Company for 2005. Employees: More than 10,400 CEO: Neeraj Bhargava Chairman: Ramesh Shah WNS provides customer service through many delivery channels like voice-based customer service, email and chat management, and physical mail management. WNS is into customer support, … [Read more...]


Wipro provides package implementation and maintenance, information systems outsourcing, application development, IT solutions, R&D services, system integration to many corporations. Wipro is the: First People Capability Maturity Level (PCMM) Level 5 and SEI CMM ( Software Engineering Institute, Capability Maturity Level) Level 5 certified IT Company in the … [Read more...]

About Infosys BPO India

Infosys Technologies Ltd. was incorporated in 1981. It provides consulting and IT services to its clients. Infosys became a public limited company in India in 1992. Corporate Headquarters: Bangalore, India US Headquarters: Fremont, CA Employees: 69,432 Revenues: $ 2,152 million Net Income after Taxes: $ 555 million Total Assets: $ 2,066 million Cash and Cash … [Read more...]

Top BPO companies in India

It is often said that the Indian BPO industry has come a far way. This holds true of we consider both the present and past scenarios. Confronting all the permutations and combinations, the outsourcing industry of India has registered a huge growth over the past few years. The industry has withstood the negative campaigns and pressure by the media. It is extremely essential to … [Read more...]

IBM Daksh

IBM (International Business Machines) is there in India since 1992. Its headquarters is in Bangalore. IBM manufactures advanced information technologies, including computer systems, softwares, storage systems, and microelectronics. Daksh was set up at New Delhi, India in January 2000. IBM acquired Daksh e-services for $170 million in April, 2004. IBM Daksh has 14 branches … [Read more...]

HCL Technologies

HCL was founded in 1976 and is among the leading technology and IT enterprises. It has partnerships with some leading Fortune 1000 firms. The largest BPO operation of Northern Ireland's is run by HCL. It manages Asia's largest stock exchange network and provides zero visibility landing systems for the airplanes. HCL Technologies deals with the IT and BPO services and targets … [Read more...]

About Genpact

Genpact is a business services & technology solutions provider. It was established in 1997 in Gurgaon, India. It has 26 operation centers in 10 countries. Genpact's business delivery model is based on six sigma quality, speed, and simplicity. It has more than 27,000 skilled associates. It has global operation centers in India, Asia, Europe, and America. Genpact believes that … [Read more...]

Firstsource Solutions Limited

Firstsource was incorporated on 6 December, 2001. It provides services to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies in Banking & Finance, Telecom & Media and Healthcare sectors. Earlier it was called as ICICI OneSource, but now it has been renamed as Firstsource Solutions Limited. Managing Director and CEO: Ananda Mukerji Joint Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer: Raju … [Read more...]

EXL Service

EXL is one of the leading BPOs in the industry. It was incorporated in Delaware, US in April 1999. In August 2001, Conseco acquired EXL. Clients: More than 50 Employees: More than 8,200 Vice Chairman and CEO: Vikram Talwar President: Rohit Kapoor Head of BPO Operations: Pavan Bagai Values: Job accountability Innovation Excellence Urgency Integrity Respect for … [Read more...]

24/7 Customer

24/7 Customer was founded in April 2000. It has 7 delivery centers and more than 15 clients all over the world. Founder and CEO: P V Kannan Co-founder and CPO: Shanmugam Nagarajan Headquarters: Los Gatos, California Employees: More than 4500 CAGR: Of over 80%. Values: Respect Transparency Taking Ownership Focus on Results … [Read more...]

Scope of BPO Sector

BPOs have a great scope in India. Around 5 years back, BPOs were just a means by which companies could save costs. Only a few activities were outsourced. But now BPOs are emerging as a management tool and focus is shifting from non-core processes to core processes. This is how BPOs gave rise to KPOs and LPOs. In the near future, BPOs may give rise to some other sectors as well. … [Read more...]

Recent Developments

Business Process Outsourcing is the fastest growing sector in IT-ITeS industry. BPOs led to the evolution of KPOs, RPOs, HROs, LPOs etc. BPOs have come a long way from first generation, second generation to third generation of BPOs. BPOs are no more just associated with answering calls and data entry. It has spread its wings into knowledge processes. The BPO sector is creating … [Read more...]

BPO Industry in India


The emergence of the Business Process Outsourcing or BPO industry in India in the 1990s and its phenomenal growth ever since had mainly been spurred by economic reforms focused on privatization and liberalization, especially the telecom sector in 1994. India today has become one of the driving forces as far as outsourcing is concerned with the production of robust world class … [Read more...]

Career Opportunities

BPO is a sector that is providing high paying jobs to new graduates. The most common and well-known BPO operation is "the call centers". BPOs usually pay higher salaries than other industries. This is why job seekers are opting BPOs over other sectors. Entry-level jobs in BPOs: Voice based services (telephonic interactions- Inbound or Outbound) and non-voice based … [Read more...]