BPO Jobs in India

BPO Jobs in Delhi

Holding high its dual advantage of low cost and reliability, the BPO Industry in Delhi has boomed to that extend many of them are now
operating from office space as big as cyber cafes. Though business process outsourcing industry has land marked its present in many small and medium sized cities of India, New Delhi remains to be the epicenter of this business in the country. With a view to save a major part of the operational costs, many US and European companies have started outsourcing the process operations in to Delhi based BPO companies. In today’s BPO business of Delhi there are India’s top companies and well known MNC companies. It was mainly the US and European banks and finance/insurance companies who found Delhi as an ideal destination for setting up BPO centers or to outsource the operations.
While the BPO services are less expensive to operate from India, the Indian job seekers get the benefit of getting well-paid jobs within India’s featured economic development.

This page of Naukri hub concentrates on BPO jobs in Delhi. We try to bring to this section information on jobs & career opportunities with major Indian and multinational BPO companies operate in Delhi. It provides information on the relevant BPO employment in Delhi based business process outsourcing companies. Through these BPO New Delhi job page, you can get to know about the available Business Process Outsourcing jobs or BPO employment opportunities existing in the Northern region. If you are really ambitious about earning handsome money and building a fast track career, Delhi BPO companies are there to help you fulfill your dream. In the BPO career you have a wide variety of options such as BPO agent jobs, BPO executives, Customer care specialists, BPO fresher jobs Delhi, Trainee/Management Trainee BPO jobs at Delhi, BPO training, as well as Technical support executive BPO jobs in Delhi. On this site we have placed Medical Transcription Jobs Delhi, Data Conversion Jobs Delhi, Data Processing Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Offshoring Jobs, Customer Support Jobs, Technical Support Jobs, Outsourcing Job, Website Development jobs & all other jobs in New Delhi, India.

Recently established in 2004, Axion is a management, placement, outsourcing and financial company guided by young talents. Services at Axion include arenas such as business advices, financial advices, website designing, E-learning, outsourcing and other backing services for international assignments. The services by Axion comprise taxation and Corporate Law and Advisory.
Job Openings with Axion in Delhi
Browse through the above given link for seeking job opportunities at Axion.
Or mail to:axionworld@gmail.com.

IBM Daksh
IBM Daksh offers challenging opportunities to young, dynamic, career oriented and motivated individuals a career path of growth along with fun-filled and exiting work environment.

OKS Ameridial
OKS-Ameridial, operating since 1987for international program management, is a well-established name among all the international call centers. The OKS –Ameridial group jointly carry out their functions and provide their clients an unmatched quality of dependable and money-spinning outsourcing solutions in various arenas. The services by OKS-Ameridial include Date and Directory Publishing, Customer Contact Solutions, Finance and Accounting Solutions, Business process Consulting, Fundraising Solutions and Yellow Pages products and tools. The OKS-group offer quick and proficient services to their clients in India, Canada and the United States and have sales offices at U.K, U.S, Germany and Canada.
Job Openings with OKS Ameridial in Delhi
If you are truly seeking challenging job options, browse through the above given link . Graduates from any stream or IT professionals having considerable amount of experience are free to seek jobs at OKS-Ameridial.
To apply, contact at: amalhotra@oksgroup.com

Oasis looks for the best talent who can provide the best quality to our customers. We need the Quality people enthusiastic towards serving the healthcare industry. We are looking for Quality Analyst, Medical Transcriptionist, Coding, Billing, AR Professionals and also Sales & Marketing executives.

INDYAsoft is a union company supported by professionals from various arenas like media, IT, software development, marketing and content design. INDYAsoft extends it’s dependable and prompt services to the different spheres such as medical billing, medical transcription, insurance claims processing and legal documents processing. Complementing these services, INDYAsoft offers round-the-clock committed services for online Call Center and Help-Desk to its customers. INDYAsoft presents perfect solutions for creating such an edge that will serve you wherever you go.
Job Openings with INDYAsoft in Delhi
If you want to search for job opportunities at INDYAsoft, browse through the above given link or mail to: info@indyasoft.com

Espire is a renowned CMMI Level 5 and ISO 9001:2000 certified Business Process Outsourcing and Software Company offering solutions to establishments around the world focusing on quality. Espire, functional in UK, US, Singapore, Australia, Japan, India and having clients at Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and Africa offers top quality BPO solutions and software services to international establishments along with providing business transformation services based on technology.
Job Openings with Espire in Delhi
If you are looking for career opportunities at Espire, browse through the above given link or mail to: espirecorp@espireinfo.com

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